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   Chapter 25 Whatever

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"Miss Xia, Mr. Long wants to see you," said Tony.

Molly's stomach dropped right away upon hearing what Tony had said. She turned her head a little and looked at the villa, wondering why he wanted to see her all of a sudden. She bit her lips and then answered without arguing,"Okay, I see." Then she took a deep breath, went back to the villa, and ran quickly towards Brian's study. She wouldn't want to be late and annoy Brian as she was afraid of being punished.

Brian stood by the window of his study while keenly looking at Molly running back to the villa. A hint of anger flashed through his eyes as he watched.

His mouth was slightly turned down at its corners that made him look so strangely cool yet wicked. A dead silenceenveloped his study while he stood there without uttering a word.

In a minute, the silence was broken by a knock at the door. "Come in!" Brian said as he turned around slowly to face the door.

Hearing this, Molly opened the door and saw Brian intently looking at her. She felt a bit disturbed when she saw him staring at her condescendingly with hands in his pockets. Still catching her breath from running and feeling so conscious, Molly stammered the words,"I.... heard.... from..."

She paused as she suddenly realized that she didn't even know the name of the man who had just talked to her. So, she just asked embarrassingly,"You want to see me?"

"Are you busy?"Brian quickly responded by asking her with a complete poker face while he looked at Molly wryly standing at the door.

Molly smacked her lips and murmured,"Yeah.... I have to work at night...."

She didn't like working in the casino but the high pay and considerable tips could support her family. It paid her mother's medication and Daniel's tuition. So though she wouldn't want to work there, she knew that she couldn't afford to lose it.

Brian looked at her with piercing eyes which sharply squinted after hearing her words. A tension developed in the air right away and Molly feeling it, went short of breath.

Molly knew that he was mad and tried to scheme something to punish her, so she had to explain right away to avoid the punishment. She was afraid of facing him directly but knew that she had to. Taking several steps back, she swallowed in fear and bit her lips while staring at Brian silently. Then after a while, she finally found her voice and said,"You.... said whatever...."

Brian looked calml

ed a question in a huff,"Did you order Jason to fire me?"

"Yeah." Brian admitted without hesitation. He didn't even move or raise his head and just kept on reading the book calmly. He didn't feel guilty about it at all.

"You said I could work as I like..." Molly clenched her fists, shivering with rage.

"Yes, you can work if you like, but...." Brian raised his head slowly and then leaned his back against the sofa. Staring at Molly with his sharp eyes, he said in a deep and slow voice,"It depends on me whether you could find a job or not. You got it? "

Molly's face turned white abruptly. With eyes wide open, she stared at Brian's face which looked indifferent and innocent as if he had done nothing wrong. Trying her best not to lose control of her emotions, Molly took a deep breath and tightened her lips in anguish.

Suddenly she realized that she had lost her job not only today but also tomorrow or any other day in this month. She wouldn't be able to find another job anywhere as long as she stayed in the villa.

Her nose twitched and finally, the tears that she had been trying to keep from falling, rolled down her eyes. She lost all hope as if the heavens had cursed her. Molly wept and muttered in a trembling voice,"Why? Why did you do this to me? I have compromised…. Ah…."

Before Molly could even finish her words, Brian suddenly pulled her arms, setting her on the sofa next to him. The next thing she knew, she was confined in his strong arms and he was kissing her wildly. With nowhere to run, and nothing she could do, Molly had no choice but to accept what was happening to her.

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