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   Chapter 24 Waiting For You

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Molly held onto the chopsticks when she heard Brian's remarks. Biting her lower lips slightly, she stared right at the man sitting in front of her. Fire was burning in her eyes. "I've agreed to stay at your house for a month..." Molly paused for a second,"to be your woman." It appeared that she had made a great effort just to say those words. "But I need to work. I... I really need the money," Molly added.

She felt sorry for herself when she finished speaking. What she really wanted to do at the moment was have a good cry somewhere, anywhere else but not in front of this man. She shouldn't have made any compromises, but she couldn't just run away. Reality was very cruel, and she didn't have any choice now.

Brian didn't even take a look at Molly, and he had kept a straight face the whole time. With a stony expression, he continued with his dinner unhurriedly. It appeared that he had known that Molly would say yes and he would get whatever he wanted. Molly had become his pawn and everything was under his control now.

Molly had waited a long while for a response, but she felt that Brian was going to remain silent. It took her a lot of courage to negotiate her conditions with him, but now that he was not saying anything, she started to feel worried. She pursed her lips and said with tears brimming in her eyes,"I'm begging you. I really need to work..."

Brian finally raised his head and looked at Molly, and it seemed like he could see right through her. A feeling of loss and sadness pinched his heart.

She wasn't Becky.

Becky had begged him a couple of times before, but it was truer to say that she was asking more than begging for what she wanted. He had always seen the stubbornness in her eyes, which made him feel a little angry but powerless at the same time. Brian finally broke the silence and said,"Being my woman means you don't have to work. Okay?" Molly felt the unhappiness radiating from his voice. His eyes were fixed on her with a piercing stare and his thin lips tightened while swaying the glass of wine with his long fingers.

A dead silence fell in the room. Shivering slightly, Molly felt that she was about to suffocate in that atmosphere. She was scared because of the tone of his voice, but the fear was replaced by anger as she heard his disrespectful remarks.

"I agreed to be your woman to pay you back the 200 thousand loan… But I will never be your mistress," Molly had the courage to blurt those

and said in a cold tone,"I enjoy having interesting friends. Aaron was very tough and I'd be more than happy to tell him this news."

Tony shrugged his shoulders when he heard Brian's remarks. XK had the largest number of narks around the world. You could get the news you wanted as long as you could pay them with whatever they asked. But not anyone could make a deal with XK unless they would be satisfied by what they could get. Obviously, Aaron was a lucky man.

Tony thought of something else while he was talking about the news which he had told Brian on the phone,"Vincent said that QY Island's government had already made a decision. It is going to be the development zones in the Eastern District."

"Umm," answered Brian shortly. He was not surprised at this result at all. He had already presumed this when he knew Aaron had been planning to take action.

"I," Brian said then stopped all of a sudden. He momentarily forgot what he was saying as his eyes caught someone who was walking out of his villa. His eyes were burning with anger and brutality when he saw this.

"Stop Molly Xia!" shouted Brian.

"What?" Tony asked at the other end of the line as he was confused by what Brian had said. But Brian had hung up on him before he could ask further what he was talking about.

He was startled for a short while, but then he understood what Brian had asked him to do at that moment. As his assistant for so many years, he had learned to read Brian's mind in just a few words. He ran to the front gate and stopped Molly from leaving the villa. Gasping, he told Molly coldly,"Miss Xia, Mr. Long is looking for you."

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