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   Chapter 23 You Don't Have A Choice

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The car was moving steadily along the streets in A City. Brian was sitting inside with his phone in his hand. As he slid his slender fingers across the screen, he suddenly found Becky's smiling face staring back at him. Her eyes twinkled like starlight, and Brian recalled their first encounter.

"Why did you help me?"

"Why do I need a reason?" The little girl blinked her eyes and pouted, staring in confusion at the haughty boy in front of her.

He suddenly became silent, not knowing how to answer her. He was slightly stunned and replied awkwardly, "Okay... I will remember your kindness!"

"Oh!" "Oh" was all the girl could utter. She had no idea what the boy had meant.

"What's your name?"

"I am..." Just as she was about to tell him her name, her eyes were drawn to the car behind the boy, and she hurriedly cut off her own sentence, "I have to go home now!"

Looking very frightened, she turned around and ran away, her mud-stained dress fluttering in the wind behind her.

The boy curled his lips and frowned. As he was staring behind the girl, who had just disappeared around the corner, a car slowly passed by him.

Brian slightly stroked Becky's face on the screen. All the details of his first meeting with Becky on Dragon Island were still fresh in his memory and brought a faint smile on his handsome face.

His car drove into the villa's driveway.

He put away his phone and managed a calm look despite his sadness. He had bought the villa when Becky had made a joke about the same; but she always stayed in a hotel whenever she arrived in A city and never once went to the villa.

His eyes cast a lonely expression when he got out of the car, and walked alone towards the villa.


Molly stood restlessly in the spacious living room. She could hear some sounds emanating from the kitchen every few minutes. Except for that, the house was so silent, and she could even hear herself breathe.

She stood still with her head lowered. Her eyes were remarkably restless, though that was hidden by her long and dense eyelashes. She began to think of Brian's handsome face. Only the soreness from her body was reminding her of what had happened the night before yesterday. Nothing else about that night had been left in her memory because of the effects of the drug. Brian's god-like presence at the Exotic Bar last night ran through her mind.

His domineering and noble temperament could be seen even in a noisy and chaotic place like a bar. He might have seemed noble like Apollo, but was, in fact, a demon!

With closed lips, Molly frowned at the events of this morning. Whether it was merely a game of the rich men, or something else, she had to accept her fate.

Two hundred thousand...! No amount could ever be enough, but right now she had to sell herself at this price.

Suddenly, she heard the door opening, and a draft of cold wind blew in, which made her shiver with cold. She looked over her shoulder.

With a hand in his pocket, Brian was staring at her deeply, and when she turned around, he saw how deeply frightened she was. Her body was


Molly tightly closed her mouth and gazed at Brian. She got even more nervous and her heart raced as he got close to her. She even forgot to breathe.

The air around her felt thin, and her heart was racing. She backed away instinctively and grabbed the hem of her clothes in an effort to look natural.

Casting a cold glance at Molly, Brian took off his coat, threw it towards Tony and then went upstairs alone. Except for the quick look when he had entered the house, Molly had felt she was nothing more than air to him.

His footsteps drew towards his bedroom. Molly swallowed nervously and heaved a sigh of relief.

Tony also made his way towards the kitchen and asked the caretakers to prepare the food. He then left the villa, without so much as a glance at Molly. He had no idea why Brian was interested in her, and it wasn't his business to know his boss's purpose. Brian always dealt with things in his own way, and nothing could disturb that.

As Tony left the door and the cold wind blew in again, Molly frowned as she had no idea what was going on and felt even more confused.

Suddenly the kitchen door was opened. A middle-aged woman and a girl of about twenty came up and set the table. They had introduced themselves when Molly had arrived.

The woman was John's wife Lisa and the girl was their daughter Lucy. Molly felt Lucy wasn't so pleased with her arrival.

Molly sneered at herself! She thought too much. Why would Lucy be hostile towards her?

Then she heard Brian's footsteps again and looked towards him. He had now changed his clothes and was coming down in white casual clothes. He looked less bossy and, surprisingly, looked easy-going and attractive.

He walked towards the table and, taking no notice of Molly, talked slowly with Lisa and asked Lucy about her graduation project.

Everything seemed in perfect harmony, but Molly felt out of sync there.

"Miss Xia, please come and have dinner!" Lisa invited her kindly with a smile.

Molly slightly closed her lips and glanced at Brian, who picked up a wine glass and gently took a sip, following which, he fixed his eyes on her thoughtfully.

Clenching her teeth, Molly walked towards the table and sat down. She felt very nervous and upset sitting on Brian's side. She didn't look at him and just uttered "thank you" when Lisa offered her a bowl of soup.

Lucy glared at her with her mouth slightly closed. When she was about to say something, Lisa drew her away. Molly wasn't silly and knew what that meant. It could only mean that Lucy had been displeased on seeing her in the house.

Molly sneered at herself secretly and poked the rice with the chopsticks. She was unhappy but no one cared.

"Quit all your jobs tomorrow!"

Suddenly, Brian's cold voice interrupted Molly's thoughts. Molly raised her head and looked him in the eyes. "I'm here to repay a debt, not to be your mistress! I won't quit my jobs..."

She obstinately replied, with a determined expression in her eyes. Brian merely raised his eyebrows, and, putting down the glass, slowly replied, "You don't have a choice!"

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