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   Chapter 22 No Other Choice For Her

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"The man on the night before yesterday... that was you?" Molly asked in confusion. She was so astonished that she didn't even ponder over what she spoke before she had uttered it.

Her red, teary eyes were wide open in shock and closely staring at Brian, and as they met his deep, cold stare, she felt her heart sinking into endless despair.

A faint smile appeared on Brian's face, and it was filled with invisible cruelty. He moved his lips slightly and said slowly,"You can choose to stay here right now, or you can go back home and think of an excuse to persuade your family. Either way, you have to be back here before dinner."

This wasn't a request or even a suggestion. It was a direct order which couldn't be refused.

Brian took his eyes off the astonished Molly and left the villa.

Molly stood still and stared blankly ahead. She didn't even blink her eyes until she felt Eric's presence right beside her.

She looked up at him slowly. He had a handsome face, black and thick eyebrows, charming eyes, an aquiline nose, and perfectly shaped lips. His warm and pleasant disposition resembled the sunlight, but Molly felt a chill just standing by him.

"You'd never planned on helping me, had you?" she asked. Even at that moment, she was hoping the truth wasn't what she had thought it to be. She was hoping there were still some people willing to help her; some few good people, thinking about whom, she could be inspired to move on.

Hearing her words, Eric gave a frown but didn't say a word. It was true that he had only planned to disturb his brother's moves. But now, seeing Molly's sad eyes, he suddenly didn't have the heart to tell her his true intention.

Before he could explain, a faint, mocking smile came up on Molly's face. She ground her teeth preventing herself from crying out, and said,"I may be an ordinary person, living at the bottom of the society, and I may have to work like a gear wheel every single day, but you... you get a lot of fun from making a fool of me, don't you? When you saw your brother humiliate me in front of you, you felt great, didn't you?"

"Little Molly..." Eric murmured.

"Don't you dare call me that! We're not that close!" Molly interrupted him furiously. She glared at him with a chilly gaze, and coldly continued,"You know what? I don't blame it on you. You never had to help me after all. But I guess I do owe you my gratitude for showing me that there is no such thing as a miracle in this world!"

Then she turned around and left the house. She walked at a steady pace, and told herself as she held her head high,"I may be a nobo

casinos any more!"

She didn't wait for a reply and immediately ended the call. A tear dropped from between her fluttering eyelids and fell on the hand holding the receiver.


At the Emp Stock Exchange in A City, Brian was sitting idly in his study, with his slender fingers tapping the desk from time to time. His lips were lightly pressed, and his eyes were on the screen in front of him as he listened to Harrow's reports.

"Come back to City A as soon as you finish the business with Chancellor Company," Brian commanded coldly.

Harrow shrugged his shoulders, and said,"I thought I would witness their misery myself!"

Brian slightly frowned, and replied,"Their stock index only dropped by 10 percent. It's not enough to ruin their company."

"Mr. Brian, why didn't you destroy their company completely?" asked Harrow, with a confused look on his face. As far as he knew, Brian showed no mercy towards his enemies. Why had he broken his rule this time? Brian curled his lips, and a cunning gaze shone in his eyes.

Then he explained,"They will be useful when I deal with the affairs concerning QY Island."

Suddenly, there was a knock at the door.

"Come in," Brian called out. The door was opened and Tony stepped inside.

"Mr. Long, Miss Xia has reached the villa!" he said.

Brian glanced at the clock on the wall, and commanded,"Prepare the car for me."

"Yes sir!" Tony replied and left the room.

Brian noticed Harrow's confused look. He frowned at him, and coldly said,"Our shares will soon open in America. Keep your eyes peeled, and don't let others exploit our advantage!"

He didn't wait for Harrow's reply and immediately ended the video chat. Then he stood up from his seat and left the room.

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