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   Chapter 21 She Couldn't Escape

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Brian intensely gazed at Molly with his deep eyes. He put down the newspaper he was reading and leaned backwards slowly. Then he squinted at Eric with a long, meaningful look.

Molly just stared at his icy-cold face, which emanated a cruel aura. She was standing still, with her arms hanging on her sides. Her fists suddenly clenched so tightly that her body slightly trembled. All she felt at the moment was humiliation and rage.

"Hey, little Molly, have you had your breakfast yet?" Eric ignored Brian's inquisitive look and asked Molly abruptly. He noticed that Molly's face instantly turned pale when she saw his brother. A mysterious light gleamed in his eyes which was hard for anyone to read. But he kept smiling in a harmless but teasing manner.

Molly slowly shifted her eyes from Brian to Eric. His strange smile made her feel very cold and her heart sank. She felt like she had been dropped into an ice-box, freezing her whole body.

"Come here. Let's have breakfast together. I'll give you the cheque later!" Eric said. He kept smiling and signalled the servant with his eyes.

Brian was still silent, and his face was devoid of any expressions. He looked like he was a mere audience to these two.

"You did it on purpose!" It took quite a while for Molly to find her voice. Her eyes were fuming with rage, and she was looking at Eric with an intensity th

our life, you've got to live at the top of the world. Otherwise, you would only keep on giving in to other people's demands. Understand?"

He raised his eyebrows at his wet fingers and turned sharply towards his brother. "Eric, if you don't want me to throw you back to Dragon Island, I suggest you not play your tricks behind my back!"

"Brother..." Eric slightly frowned and said,"I don't like the word 'throw'!"

Molly's eyes suddenly widened in shock. She turned her eyes towards Brian. She had already forgotten her sorrow.

Eric had addressed this man as his brother, Which could only mean one thing- he was the man who had slept with her the night before yesterday!

Her mind was a total mess now. She could no longer think and, with continuously reddening eyes, turned towards Brian, Whose eyes looked like a black hole that would swallow up her entire existence and she wouldn't be able to escape!

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