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   Chapter 20 The Men In The Villa

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"Although two hundred grand isn't a lot for me… I still need a reason. Why should I help you?"

"I…" Molly was just about to explain when the waiter arrived with the coffee. She was so embarrassed that she waited till she had left, and then continued,"It's for the gambling debt my father owes..."

"Wasn't it paid off last night?" Eric interrupted her and she froze for a while. He stared at her with searching eyes and then continued with an evil smile,"And what does it have to do with me even if it hasn't been paid off… Why should I help you?"

With escalating sorrow in her heart, Molly bit her lips and said,"I know... I know it sounds absurd to borrow so much money from you. We barely know each other. We don't even know each other's names!" Tears welled up in her eyes and she started sobbing. Then she begged Eric,"Believe me, I will pay back all your money!"

Eric leisurely reclined on the sofa. He was looking into Molly's eyes that were trying to choke their tears before they fell down, and his smile turned to a grin. "What makes you think you can pay back this much money in a month? Can you be sure that your father won't ever gamble again? What will you do if he loses more money next time?"

Molly was dazed for a second after hearing what Eric had said.

That hadn't occurred to her before. What if her father kept on gambling and his debt kept on soaring? She had already lost her virginity because of her father's gambling problem and Brain had wanted her to be his sex partner in return for her father's debt. What would happen next time?

"I don't know. I never thought about this before," she said with a wry smile. "Sorry to bother you!" Molly lowered her head and slowly turned around. She was about to leave.

Eric stared at her dainty body from behind and suddenly called out,"Wait!"

Molly stopped and turned around, looking directly at Eric's handsome face. Her arms were folded and there was helplessness on her innocent face. At such a young age, her life should have been happy and carefree!


ht, a new day began and everything started anew. Now, whether you liked it or not, you had to move forward.

The next morning, Molly arrived early at the address Eric had given the day before. The large villa and the surrounding gardens that spanned thousands of square meters astounded her.

Arriving at the gate, Molly went over and rang the door bell. A man in his fifties opened the door after a while. "Are you Miss Xia?", he asked, surveying her.

She nodded and replied with a tender smile,"Yes. Nice to meet you!"

"Nice to meet you too. I am John." The man replied kindly. "Mr. Eric Long told me you would drop by. Come in, please."

John led her through the yard to a white European style villa. As he opened the door, he told Molly,"Mr. Eric Long is having his breakfast. We have informed him of your arrival. You may go in."

"Thank you, John!" She thanked him politely and walked inside herself. Just as she reached inside, she suddenly felt such a wave of nervousness that she could hardly breath.

Looking up, she saw she was the target of two men's gazes who were sitting at the dining table. One looked indifferent, and the other smiled slyly.

She looked at them carefully. Suddenly, she found herself going limp with shock. Of the two men sitting at the table, one was Eric, and the other, looking at her coldly, was Brian Long!

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