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   Chapter 18 It's Not Up To You

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Steven and Molly were shocked to hear Brian's words. They both clearly understood what he meant by 'his woman'.

Molly gaped at Brian with a slightly open mouth. She hoped he had just made a joke, but to no avail. She couldn't see through his mind.

Looking cold and domineering, Brian fixed his dark eyes on Molly, which seemed to be full of the confidence that Molly would definitely agree.

"I won't!" Molly gritted her teeth firmly, feeling extremely humiliated.

Brian gave her a slight smile and slowly replied,"It's not up to you!"

Hearing these words, Molly was lost to despair. Her body started trembling with fright, and she backed away out of instinct. The sudden movement threw Steven off balance and he almost fell down.

"I will pay the money back. I just need some time..." Trying to hide her desperation and hoping he would agree, Molly begged Brian, who looked like a cruel king.

Brian only looked at her quietly. She was trying to choke her tears back as she had done the previous night. Brian had mistaken her for Becky the day before only because of her eyes.

The complex expression that arose in Brian's eyes in response to Molly's requests made him look thoughtful. From the deep, dark look in his eyes, no one could tell that he was deeply infatuated with a woman.

"Okay!" Brian slightly narrowed his eyes and glanced at Molly who was in a pitiful state. He then flatly added,"You have one night to consider my offer!"

With that, he turned around and got in his car.

Tony closed the car door and walked towards the driver's seat. Before getting in, he glanced at Molly and sighed.

Except for Becky's heart, Brian could get anything he desired.

As she watched the black, luxurious Mercedes disappear, Molly felt


Ignoring his discontent, Eric lightly smiled at the picture on the screen. He beckoned Tony to fetch two glasses and happily told Brian,"I asked Lenny to steal this bottle of wine from our uncle..." I got it just now!"

Brian frowned and asked,"Since when did she become a thief?"

"Ever since I needed her to be!" Came the quick reply as Eric opened the bottle and poured a glass for Brian. With an arrogant expression, he snickered,"Taste it. It's vintage!"

Then the snicker on his face grew into a grin.

He gently swirled the wine in his glass, which left not a single drop of wine on the brim of the glass. He took a glance at the scenes on the monitor and smiled slyly.

As he was about to take a sip, his phone rang.

Frowning slightly, he whipped it out. "Hello?"

There was no reply. The person who was calling him was silent for a while.

Confused, Eric tried again,"I'm gonna hang up unless you say something!"

"Hello... Hello!" The person hesitantly spoke on the phone,"I... I... I'm the person you took clothes shopping this morning..."

Suddenly Eric's eyes lit up. He smirked and cast a glance at Brian who was sitting sluggishly.

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