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   Chapter 17 Be My Woman

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Brian's words dropped like a bombshell in the tiny room. The shock was so intense that Steven Xia forgot the pains emanating in every part of his body. David and his men were staring, their mouths agape in surprise. Then fear set in over all their hearts as they looked at Brian.

Pensive, Molly fluttered her eyes and furrowed her brows. She was staring in confusion at the cold king from hell, and thinking, 'Was he referring to me? That's impossible! It can't be me!' Although Molly felt that the man was a little bit familiar, she was sure she didn't know him at all.

"Mr.... Mr. Long! Did you say... Did you... mean..." David came back to his senses and stammered. In fear, his face turned a dark shade of red. With his voice trembling, he continued,"Did you mean... Molly Xia...? She is... your woman?"

Brian looked at Molly's shocked face and grinned widely. However, the look in his eyes was still very cold, slightly complementing the cruel nature of his smile.

He shifted his eyes from Molly to David, and enquired in a dead, indifferent voice,"Why? Is there a problem?"

"No, no... of course... not!"

David hastily shook his head and waved his hands. His face went pale in his agitation.

He had already investigated Steven Xia's background. Steven didn't have any strong relations behind him, but he had a beautiful daughter. So David had carried out the plans the night before. But he had never known that Molly was Mr. Long's woman.

However, the facts didn't matter! Since Mr. Long had personally showed up there, it was clear that he would protect Molly. For David and his men, the situation was so desperate and unfortunate that they wished the ground would explode and swallow them this instant!

"Mr. Long! I'm terribly sorry.

as she held Steven's arm and looked at Brian, who was standing and waiting in front of her.

"Why did you thank me?" An evil smile crept across Brian's face. He said slowly,"Miss Xia, do you think you won't need to repay my loan?"

"No!" Molly instantly tried to explain. "I will surely pay you back! But, please give me some time..."

"Give you some time?" Brian sneered with contempt. With a dark look in his eyes, he said,"What a pity... My time is so precious!"

Molly gnawed on her lower lip. She knew he had come to save her with a purpose, so she asked cautiously,"Then... what do you want?"

Brian slowly walked up to Molly. Squinting disdainfully at Steven, who was wearing a painful look, he shifted his eyes to Molly. The tough and strong look flickering in her eyes slightly struck a chord in his heart.

It was like the look... Becky had when she came face to face with any difficulty.

"For one month..." Brian spoke out a time, and noticed a sudden happy look in Molly's eyes. She must have thought he meant to give her one month's time to repay the loan. However, his eyes turned dark and, grinning, he continued in a firm voice,"Be my woman!"

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