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   Chapter 16 I Came To Pick Up My Woman

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Brian was standing by the door with his hand in the pocket. His angular face betrayed no signs of any emotion, but his lips tightened into a thin smile. His eyes were narrowed and their coldness would have made the most composed men shiver.

He glanced indifferently at Molly and Steven, who were sitting on the floor and looked apprehensive and disheveled. David spoke in a husky voice,"Brian! What a nice surprise! What brings you here? We're honoured." He had put on a smile before speaking and, walking up to Brian, bowed obsequiously.

Inside, he was as worried as he was smiling outside. Although he couldn't think of any reason that would bring Brian there, he still had a feeling something had gone horribly wrong!

Brian Long had quite a reputation! Gangsters in the city knew they could mess with anyone, even the cops, as long as they didn't get in Brian's ways. Otherwise, they might get killed silently.

With a big smile on David's face, he chanced a glance at Brian who was in his twenties, wondering what had brought him here today.

With everyone's eyes turning towards Brian, Steven and Molly also gazed at him. He stood

e smile, and he seemed displeased, which one could see in his stark black eyes.

David glanced at Molly and Steven, frightened that he had done something wrong. His heart clanged like fifteen buckets in a single well. With a miserable look on his face, he said again,"Brian, just call me and tell me whatever you want to do next time. You don't need to come here in person."

"I came to pick up my woman!" Brian replied calmly,"which is something I need to do myself."

His voice was calm but decisive and his eyes had never left Molly even when he spoke. As he saw her slightly opened mouth and surprised face, a faint smile flickered across his lips. Molly noticed the smile, and seemed to feel the danger behind it. An inexplicable fear overpowered her!

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