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   Chapter 15 He Must Be In Control

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Stepping out of M-blue restaurant, Brian got in his car and ordered Tony directly, "The casino."

"Roger that," Tony said attentively.

It was quiet as usual in the car. Tony, from time to time, would peek at Brian through the rear-view mirror, and once he found Brian deeply gazing out the window, he would let out an unnoticeable sigh.

After Becky had left the day before, Brian seemed to be restraining his loneliness and frustration. Though having seen a lot of killing and being killed since his childhood, Brian had a family who loved him. This might be his first time to feel so depressed and heartbroken.

Tony's face was rather grave. He let out another sigh and steered the car into the underground parking lot of Grand Night Casino.

Brian got out of the car and took an exclusive lift to his office on the top floor. The minute he got off the lift, his phone rang, and he picked it up without hesitation.

Brian walked into his office while listening to the voice reporting on the phone. His brows started to furrow and his eyes became sharp. His anger was becoming more apparent as the call went on. "Feed him to Black Wolf!"

Brian said coldly as he dismissed the call. Then he turned to Tony and instructed, "Tell Harrow that I want him to keep a close watch on the U.S. stock market and I need to see Chancellor fall for at least 10% tomorrow!"

"No problem," Tony answered and left.

Sitting in his big and luxurious chair with legs crossed casually, Brian stared intently at the computer screen. The screen was divided into several windows, where the actual scenes in the casino were shown in real time.

Brian's phone rang again.

Moving his eyes away from the screen, Brian picked it up.

"Mr. Brian Long, the information you needed is prepared. I'll send it to you by fax right now," said the voice at the other end of the line.

"Okay," Brian said flatly and then hung up.

Soon afterwards, there was a noise coming from the fax machine followed by pieces of paper dispensed one by one. Brian fetched them and saw a picture of Molly Xia on top.

Molly's innocent and warm smile dazzled Brian and for a while, his eyes were enthralled by her beauty. Looking at the picture, he was struck by a familiar feeling, which was too fleeting to be noticed even by himself.

While his fingers were turning the pages, Brian felt intrigued and read through the material and noticed that most of the contents weren't new to him.Molly's experience wasn't uncommon in a city famous for its night life and casinos. The only surprise for him was that she actually worked in Grand Night Casino as a waitress. That part was interesting enough.

But... She had got into his bed after being drugged!

Brian was astounded and threw the files on the desk. He puffed a cigarette, giving out light gray smoke. Behind the smoke, the anger and pain were gradually hidden in his deep black eyes.

Brian squinted, which was a dangerous sign. No matter what her reason was, he would never allow anything out of his control.


Time would never stand still just because of somebody's happiness or sadness. It would pass on as usual despite any situation. After the sun had set and disappeared from the horizon, the warm air was gradually replaced by the cold wind.

By the street light, Molly was dragging her tired and sore body back home. Watching her feet struggling to move on the road covered with snow, she started

to find the situation ironic.

After all that she had gone through last night, she was given no chance or time at all to rest and heal herself.

There was a glint of mockery in her smile. She felt wretched and helpless deep inside. But she knew that she had to be brave and repressed whatever she was feeling. Molly then took a deep breath and carried on with great perseverance.

A black MPV passed by her just when she arrived at their rented house. She didn't pay much attention to it, and went into the yard.

Sharon Zhao was weeping and her face looked dreadfully pale when Molly entered the house. Daniel was helping her sit down on the couch and the whole house was in a mess, as if having been ransacked.

"Mom!" Molly hurried to assist Daniel and helped Sharon sit down. While doing this, she noticed a bruise on Daniel's face and asked anxiously, "What happened? "What's that on your face?"

Daniel bit his lips, and looked away to avoid Molly's eyes. There was hatred and anger in his eyes but he seemed to be reluctant d to explain. He answered briefly, "Dad is in debt again. Those people said that things were screwed up yesterday and they took dad."

Molly understood what they were referring to at once. In a short silence, she looked at her mother, who was shedding tears, and felt so stressed and hopeless.

"Molly, your dad…" Sharon muttered between sobs. "Will he be alright? It's all my fault. If it weren't for my medical expense, he wouldn't have…" she pitifully continued.

"Stop, mom!" Molly interrupted her and managed to hold the tears in her eyes. "Daniel, take care of mom," she said to her brother.

Molly left resolutely and ignored Daniel's questions behind. She knew what to do.

When Molly showed up again in Exotic Bar, she found Steven, her father, who had pushed her into this endless tragedy. Steven's eyes were all swollen and bruises were all over his face. Apparently, he had been beaten up once again. Seeing this, Molly was overwhelmed by a strong mixed feeling of sadness, anger, and compassion, for her father and herself.

"You said I had ten days!"Molly said, glaring at David.

David puffed his cigarette at Molly's face and squinted. Then he raised a hand and slapped Molly so hard across the face that she was thrown onto the floor by force.

"Hhmmmp!" the sound of Molly heaved on the floor echoed across the room. Molly got completely dizzy, and her tongue tasted the blood in her mouth.

"Damn!" David cursed and spat as he put on a ferocious look. "Do you know who you're messing with? You damn little whore!" David yelled angrily at Molly.

He raised one of his legs and was about to give Molly a hard kick.But before Molly could even react, someone moved to her front and protected her from being hurt.

"Molly…" Steven uttered. "Ouch…" he groaned in pain.

Steven huddled in pain as he was hit right in the belly.

"Dad!" Molly cried in agony.

David got irritated by the unexpected scene and spoke loudly in a threatening tone, "Give me the money now, or neither of you is leaving this place!"

In rage, David flicked the ash of the cigarette on Steven. Just then, someone rushed inside in panic.

Catching his breath and with widened eyes, the man reported, "Boss... Mr. Brian Long is here!"

"Which Mr. Brian Long? DA... DAMN..."

David choked out the last word when he saw the man standing beside the door and his face turned incredibly pale all of a sudden.

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