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   Chapter 14 Depending On My Mood

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Molly stared at the money in her hand, and a bitter smile appeared on her face. She lowered her head and quietly walked out of the store. Her eyebrows knitted as the dazzling sunbeam reflecting off the snow on the ground hurt her eyes. She closed her eyes for a while and then opened them again before looking up at the sky.

The sky was a clear blue, and the sun was shining bright. Yet she could barely feel any warmth on such a sunny day.

Great mocking sorrow flashed in her eyes, and she felt so helpless. Her eyes looked deep yet lifeless as she moved her gaze onto the busy people passing by on the road and observed them for a while. Then she dragged her weary body and hailed a taxi.

"Where do you want to go, miss?" asked the driver politely.

"Please take me to..." Molly paused as she was replying to the driver's question. She was supposed to tell the driver her home's address, but she suddenly fell into deep thought and after a moment, she continued, "... to the Falloon Mall!"

"Okay!" replied the driver as he started the car. Molly wearily leaned her back against the seat and then looked blankly out of the window. The scenery covered with white snow quickly flashed past.

Even though her life had been so rough and difficult, she never left and set herself free. Instead, she worked hard and made money, not for herself, but for her family. She had no choice but to pay her mother's medical bills and her brother's tuition… not to mention her father's debt!

Eric drove his car and rushed to the M-blue Restaurant. He went into the lobby and a waiter led him to a private room right away. Two other men were already inside, waiting for him.

As soon as Eric stepped inside, he met Brian's eyes sharply gazing at him, which he nonchalantly returned with a brief smile. He then turned to the other man sitting opposite to Brian, and said, "Sorry, I was delayed by some urgent affairs."

After saying this, Eric took a seat.

"It doesn't matter," the other man waiting in the room replied plainly, revealing no emotion in his voice. With a focused gaze on Eric, he continued to say, "I heard that the Dragon Empire Group is interested in the Development Area in the east of QY Island. Is that true?"

Eric slightly frowned at the man's cold and arrogant tone, but the expression on his face didn't reveal his irritation. With the same smile on his face, he replied, "It depends on the benefits that you can provide for our company!"

His blunt response and the overwhelming sense of pressure in his tone weren't consistent with his young age. With an eyebrow raised, he smiled at the man whose face radiated indifference and said slowly, "And another thing, I only came here today because Brian asked me to!"

After Eric finished those haughty words, he stood up from his seat, and said coldly, "Sorry, I've to go now!" Eric immediately turned around to leave the room.

Witnessing his rude behaviour, the man slightly moved his lips and gave a faint smile yet the look in his eyes was filled with nothing but cruelty.


t that same moment, the man's aide standing behind him suddenly pulled out his gun and pressed it against Eric's head as he was walking out of the room.

Eric, showing no fear, sneered at the man's sudden act, and a sullen fury gleamed in his half-closed eyes. He turned his head a bit, glared at the man with the gun, and said in a very cold voice, "If Brian wasn't here, you'd be in hell!"

When the man with the gun heard Eric, he trembled in fear and was suddenly overwhelmed by invisible pressure. He was speechless and his eyes revealed panic and fear.

At that moment, Brian's voice interrupted the heated exchange and said, "Now that you're already here, why not hear him out? You might even find that it's indeed a good deal for you!" Brian said in a slow and steady tone but his voice undeniably possessed a special charm in it.He had kept calmly silent since Eric entered the room, even when he was pointed with a gun. Brian put down the coffee cup in his hand and stared at Eric's figure. The expression on his handsome face was still as quiet as a mirror.

Eric slightly turned his back to look at Brian who wore a mysterious smile. He was curious to know what he was actually thinking about. However, Brian had always been so fathomless. It was impossible to read his mind and Eric could barely figure it out right now. Not betting on his luck this time, he said, "I'll when I have a good mood!"

After that, he strode out of the room and disappeared behind the door.

A hint of resignation flashed in Brian's eyes but it quickly disappeared when he moved his gaze onto the man sitting before him. He said in a faint voice, "He's not as stubborn and rude as he seemed. You'd better not underestimate him!"

After Brian finished his words, the man moved his lips slightly in response. His aide, with a darkened expression on his face, thought, 'How dare that man act so rudely to His Highness!'

After a minute, the man said plainly, "I believe you."

Brian smiled at him, and asked, "Have you made up your mind then?"

The man only smiled back at him. He didn't say anything in response to Brian, but his meaning was obvious.

"I'll wait for your good news!" Brian said, still smiling. Then he left his seat and was about to leave with Tony who had been standing behind him. Before they could walk out of the room, the man spoke again, "Can you contact XK?"

Brian stopped and turned back to face the man. "It might be a little difficult," he replied.

"but to get the latest and most accurate news, it's the wisest choice."

Brian fell into silence and then left without another word.

The man stared at Brian's figure and didn't move his gaze off him until he disappeared in distance. He picked up the cup of coffee which had already cooled down, and took a small sip. His dashing eyebrows frowned, and faint disdain flew in his eyes.

Breaking the silence, his aide asked, "Does Your Highness think that he's trustworthy?"

The man raised his eyebrows and said indifferently, "He's the only one that I want to make friends with."

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