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   Chapter 12 Eric And Molly

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The bright red Maserati was in sharp contrast to the brilliant white snow. As Brian's car disappeared away, a smile curved the corners of Eric's mouth. He got out of the car and walked towards Molly.

Standing beside her almost motionless body, he crouched to take a closer look at her hands, which showed evident signs of frostbite. "Young lady, what is troubling you? Why are you hurting yourself on the snow?" he asked in a casual tone.

Molly simply gazed into space and did not respond.

With a sigh, Eric lifted her into his arms and carried her to his car.

Molly didn't come to her senses until she was stuffed into the car. In shock, she struggled to get out immediately, but Eric wouldn't let her. He simply pushed her back and locked the door.

"Hey, let me go! Who are you? OW!" Molly beat against the window in desperation and suddenly cried out as she felt a sharp pain in her hands, which were numb with cold.

Eric got in the car and turned on the air-conditioner. Noticing her anxiety, he reminded her in a kind voice, "We just met an hour ago."

Recalling her first encounter with the stranger, Molly's eyes widened and her expression changed several times.

Seeing that she remembered the incident, Eric smiled and started the car. "Buckle up!" he said casually.

"Who are you? Let me out!" Molly asked loudly as they sped by and traffic fell behind.

"I'm not the kind of man who would leave a poor woman on the street." Without looking in her direction, Eric turned the car towards another road. "Don't worry! I'm not interest

ed in my brother's sex partner."

The last sentence proved to be a bombshell. Glaring at Eric, who she felt was as dangerous as his brother, Molly gnashed her teeth and yelled, "Stop the car!"

As he darted a quick glance at the now furious Molly, it was evident that Eric had no intention of stopping the car.

"Stop the car! I said STOP!" Molly shouted. The grief and sorrow pushed into her eyes again and they became watery.

"I don't want to hurt you. I just..." Eric tried to reason with her.

"Pull over!" Molly broke in. With fists clenched, she tried hard not to blink in case her tears came out.

Eric asked casually as if he didn't hear her yelling, "Where would you go? Home? Or stay here and create a scene?"

"It's none of your business!" Molly snapped. "STOP THE CAR!" Molly uttered those words between her teeth.

"I am not letting you walk in the snow like this." Eric kept driving. But he frowned a bit.

The stubbornness and resilience in her eyes were so familiar to him. But why?!


Her roar echoed in the narrow space. Eric seemed not to care and sped up instead!

"Argh!" Molly was forced to hold on to something. That had been close!

The car was speeding on the snow-coated road. Vehicles all around honked in irate unison and some screeched to a halt that led to a series of deafening collisions.

With a pleased but dangerous smile, Eric floored the gas pedal and finally, they pulled over at a casual wear flagship store as the Maserati came to a harsh halt. However, Molly was thrown forward due to the inertia.

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