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   Chapter 9 The Next Morning

Love Crisis By FIONA MUNOZ Characters: 3451

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Detached from the world and its happenings, the two lovers were entangled into a weave of love since almost forever.


The heavy and ragged breathing of the man mingled with the girl's deep moans and the ambience inside was searing despite the snow outside.

Gradually, the snowing ceased. The wind was still blowing intermittently, sweeping off the snowflakes from tress and rooftops, which glittered in the dim lights of the inclement weather.

The treetops seemed to dazzle even more as sunrise crept in.

"Ummm..." moaned Molly Xia.

With an excruciating headache, she woke up and rolled over. As she opened her eyes, she became aware that not only her head, her entire body was in pain.

She was stunned by the unfamiliar surroundings and luxurious decoration in the room. She surveyed her surroundings blankly, blissfully unaware of the man asleep right next to her. Suddenly, her eyes fell on the suntanned back of the man.

Initially at a loss, she blinked her eyes and suddenly, opened them wide in shock!

A man? In bed with her! ! ! !

Staring hard at Brian's back, she eventually recalled the events of the previous night.

As the bombshell memories hit her, she abruptly sat up and saw the marks he had left on her body.

Grabbing tightly around the quilt, Molly trembled. Tears began to form in her rapidly reddening eyes.

Looking up, she bit her lips to hold them back. The sorrow she felt stung her hard.

She tried not to think that her father could be related to all this! She didn't dare to imagine that. 'Is he... I mean related?' she wondered

But to no avail.

Trying even harder not to cry, she bit her lips further and batted her eyelashes.

'There is no use runni

ng away.

It always ends up like this.

And this room; I brought it on myself, ' she thought.

At this moment, Brian moved a little. Molly came to herself instantly and hurriedly got out of the bed out of instinct.

Feeling cold, she realized she was naked. Panicking at the sight of Brian, who was about to roll over, she squatted down and hid from his eyes.

Molly held her breath and thought, 'I slept with this stranger because I was unconscious last night. How am I going to face him now? I am not even sure what he looks like!'

Brian stopped stirring. Molly tried to steal a glance at him but before she could see anything at all, the tension in the air made her flinch away again.

After a while, all sounds ceased and Molly could only hear the sound of Brian's slow breathing. She crouched down clumsily and crawled over to the underwear and robe scattered on the ground. Quickly putting them on, she tiptoed to the door.

Brian still seemed to be asleep and he didn't make a move until Molly shut the door. No sooner had the door been closed than he opened his eyes, which were fiery with rage.

After closing the door lightly, Molly turned around in a quick fluid motion, even though all she had on was the bathrobe she had picked up from the floor inside, and suddenly bumped into someone.

"Ouch!" she cried out, touching her forehead and looking up nervously. She had bumped into a man who definitely looked handsome but wore a smile that was everything but warm. Rather, it was a malevolent curl of the lips as he surveyed her from top to bottom.

"You. You were here last night, weren't you?" Eric asked. He jerked his chin and cast a meaningful look at the door she had just closed.

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