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   Chapter 8 An Intoxicating Night

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Brian stepped out of the bathroom, wearing only a bath towel wrapped around his body. His hair was still dripping wet and and his face was slightly red after the hot shower. As he walked in the room, his eyes caught a figure standing just behind the slightly opened door. He squinted at the woman and found her all flushed and seemingly embarrassed. With only the dim light peeking through from the hallway, he could not get a clear image of her face. Suddenly, his head started to throb probably because he had stayed too long in the snow and might have caught a little cold. Looking curiously distracted, he watched the pretty girl catching her breath.

Molly frowned at him in bewilderment. She swallowed hard and then stammered the words: "Sorry... I'm sorry…. I.... will.... leave…. soon.…"Though uttering just a few words, Molly said it with great effort.

Her throat burned so she had to wheeze with her nose. When she looked up, her heart started to race and her breath was taken away by the handsome face in front of her. The man looked like the King of Hell taking charge of death and darkness that nobody would dare to stare at directly, but he was so tempting that anyone who saw him would be fascinated by him.

Standing there with his sharp eyes narrowed, Brian stared at the woman leaning against the door, the look in his deep and black eyes darkening. After some time, his lips formed into a smile and its corners curved slightly higher....

He thought the woman in front of him was Becky! He must be horribly drunk.

Brian looked at the ground to hide the sadness faintly exuding in his eyes. His pride would never allow anybody to see through his feelings.

"Uhh," Molly groaned in pain when her legs and feet turned limp all of a sudden. At the same time, her breath quickened and became uneven, and her pulses raced frantically. She looked at Brian vaguely with her back closely leaning on the door while her hands were tightly grasping the doo

r handle to support her frail and powerless body.

Brian shook his dizzy head and then walked towards Molly. He wanted to see who the woman was and wished that it was Becky. Up until that moment, he was still desperately hoping that everything that had happened was unreal and that Becky would come back for him.

A faint mint taste mingled with a musky scent of a man got Molly's head spinning. Losing her remaining strength, she unconsciously loosened her grip on the door handle as Brian slowly approached. Eventually, she lost her balance and collapsed at Brian's dampened body.

Brian frowned indifferently when the heat coming from Molly's feverish body struck his nose together with a faint feminine fragrance. He intended to push her away, but as soon as he saw her face, every muscle in his body failed to move. His eyes were captivated by the beautiful face in his arms.

Flustered and disoriented, Molly's head was in chaos and her nerves controlled her arms instinctively. Under the influence of the drug, her fingers involuntarily slid across Brian's muscular chest.

"Damn it!" Brian growled and sulked. "Fucking stupid woman, get your hands off me!" he said to Molly in a hoarse, ice-cold but attractive voice.

Brian seized Molly's arm and forcefully pulled her away from his body....

"Ouch!" Molly cried in agony. She lifted her head and looked at Brian with her eyes engulfed in pain. Her gorgeous face turned red like boiled shrimps under the effect of alcohol and drug.

Brian's eyes delved deeper and blacker as he stared into her pitiful eyes. At that moment, Molly's face transformed into Becky's face in his mind.

The next minute, Brian's hands were all around Molly's waist and then he bent down and his cold mouth met her scorching hot lips.

Molly completely lost her consciousness and succumbed to the sensation. Helplessly, she could do nothing but instinctively follow Brian's advances as it seemed to be the only way she could escape.

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