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   Chapter 7 The Aftermath

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Molly Xia's head was hammering wildly and her brain felt like it was going to blow up any moment. A surge of heat ran through her body moving from her stomach to her neck and face. Rubbing herself against the sheets, Molly shivered every time the smooth and silky feel of the satin touched her bared skin. She felt like a swarm of ants was crawling on top of her, giving her that tingling yet prickling sensation.

"Hmm..." Molly slightly moved her dry lips and moaned. Her throat and mouth had gone awfully dry and her body feverish. She felt so thirsty as if being deprived of water for days.


Molly started to wheeze slightly. She wanted to open her eyes, but her head was pounded with all kinds of scattered thoughts. Complex illusions flooded her mind like a heavy rock pressed against her body, making her unable to move.

Molly managed to swallow a bit of her saliva which had already thickened due to thirst. Barely conscious, she struggled to raise her eyelids a little bit and in a daze, she looked at her surroundings.

The dim light, the luxurious room, the silky bed sheet... Everything looked unfamiliar to Molly. Each item she laid her eyes upon seemed to warn her that she was in a strange place.

She weakly fluttered her eyes and tried to recall what had happened. Her mind searched for the most recent memories and then she suddenly remembered the last scene before she lost her senses. At the thought of it, Molly's chest heaved violently and her breathing became deeper. Her eyes fumed with fury. Molly tried to lift the covers and get off the bed, but due to the effects of the wine and the drug, Molly's body was too weak to move a bit. Well aware of the danger of staying there, she knew that she had to leave as soon as possible!

Molly clenched her teeth tightly and pulled herself up forcefully by supporting her body against the headboard. Gasping for air, she discreetly scanned the four corners of the room. After confirming that there was nobody else in there, she dragged her weak body and staggered towards the door.

As Molly stepped on the thick carpet in the hallway, her knees wobbled and in an instant, she was on the floor as her legs were too weak to stand.

The heat inside h

er body fired up every second and weakened her even more. With hazy eyes, she looked left and right and noticed a long and arc-shaped hallway on both sides.

Gathering up all her strength, Molly slowly pulled herself up from the floor. Supporting her body against the wall, she moved to the left side and staggered alongside it. However, after moving a few steps, Molly indistinctly heard someone talking…

"A young girl? A virgin?"


"Hahaha...I love this sort of innocent girl, like a cute little rabbit..."

Molly became more anxious as the voice sounded seemingly closer and closer to her. Her eyes widened and drops of sweat trickled down Molly's forehead as the voice continued to speak:

"I'll take care of this... Don't worry... No one would find out..."

The voice became closer and louder this time as it echoed across the empty hallway.

Molly had no choice but to turn around and walk towards the opposite direction. She knew that she couldn't let the man find her and that she had to escape as soon as possible. Judging from his words, she understood that she had been drugged and transferred to a hotel room as a gift for a high profile guest.

Molly's face twisted in anxiety as she continued to drag herself forward. She moved slowly inch by inch due to the drug's effect on her body.

Hearing footsteps drawing close, Molly held her breath and immediately searched for somewhere to hide. She turned her head around and looked at the room nearest her, with a dash of hope in her eyes. Using all her strength, she managed to move herself in front of its door. As she was about to knock, she noticed that the door was slightly open.

Molly had no time to hesitate. She clenched her teeth, pushed the door, and walked into the room quietly. As soon as she entered the room, she heard the man's voice slowly fading as he walked to the curved end of the hallway.

Molly heaved a sigh of relief. She leaned against the wall, panting. All of a sudden, she felt a strong aura pressing around her. The air became thinner and she felt harder to breathe.

Instinctively, she turned her head around and met a pair of deep eyes like a magnetic field that would attract and swallow anything that fell onto them.

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