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   Chapter 5 A Heartbreaking Night

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The car sped in the dark. As the snow continued to fall, it gradually blurred the car's view.

Inside, Brian's lips compressed with his brows closely knitted. The atmosphere in the car was gloomy as if a heavy storm was coming.

"Pull over!"

Brian ordered suddenly in a low but evidently angry tone.

Tony glanced at him in the rear-view mirror. Though quite confused, he slowed down and pulled over anyway.

Brian got out of the car, stood beside the fence on the highway, and looked ahead. His eyes gazed straight towards the direction of the airport in City A.

The wind was dancing as it played with his unruly hair, revealing his brooding black eyes, which were very much like shining agates.

The snow was coming down heavily as snowflakes whirled in the dark sky like a myriad of feathers.

It was unbearable to be outdoors especially at night in that cold winter but Brian stood still as a statue in the freezing weather as if he was numb to the cold at all. Looking at the snow that fell on Brian's shoulders, Tony kept silent. He knew that there's nothing he could do to help Brian.

The sound of an incoming text message from Brian's mobile phone broke the silence of the night and caught his attention.

He lowered his head and took out his phone to check the message. It said:

'Love will never be my priority. So...I'm sorry but I have to say goodbye to you now. Forget me, my darling. Your Becky '

Staring at the words, Brian smiled wryly. His eyes were transfixed on the words as if through the phone he could see the expression on her face as she was saying those words.

Brian clenched his fist, gritted his teeth, and then closed his eyes slightly. He looked devastated as clouds of depression and heaviness surrounded him.

After a while, he finally released his grip on the phone. The gloominess over his handsome face gradually dissipated and it shifted into a blank expression, devoid of any sign of emotion.

He took a quick glance at the direction of the airport before turning around silently and said," Let's go."

"Okay," answered Tony without hesitation. He tried to read Brian's reflection from the rear-view mirror, only to see his cold dark eyes. He then started the engine and drove back to the city.

It was getting late. The heavy snowfall seemed to never stop, and the roadside had accumulated at least ten centimeters of snow already.

The roads became emptier while the Grand Night Casino was still full of people. Shouts, cheers, as well as angry voices resounded inside.

A group of guys were being dragged away by members of the security and it caught the attention of some people inside the main hall including Molly. Watching the scene, Molly sighed, shook her head slightly and thought how ironic her life had been.

Her father had borrowed money from a loan shark because of his gambling habit while he

r mother got sick from working hard to pay his debts. And now, she was working in this casino to pay her mother's medical bills and her brother's tuition.

Thinking all about it, a bitter smile appeared on her face when she walked to the counter wearily.Molly emptied her pockets and handed over the chips she had collected as tips from the gamblers that night to encash them.

"Wow! You got a lot today!"said Hogan, the clerk in the counter, to Molly. "You have 1, 340!" he added.

With a spark in her eyes, Molly took the money. Looking genuinely happy, she promised to Hogan, "I'll bring you a snack tomorrow night!".

"Thanks! Looking forward to it," Hogan replied with a smile.

"I gotta go. Bye!" Molly said as she waved her hand cheerfully before putting the money into her pockets. After closing her shift for the night, Molly went straight to the dressing room, changed her clothes, and then left the casino.

Once outside, Molly shivered as a gust of cold wind mixed with the snow blowing head on greeted her. She looked at the snowflakes falling all around and a quiet smile formed on her lips. Delightedly, she spread out her hands and caught a snowflake. Taking a better look, she went closer to a street lamp, and watched the shining snowflake with interest. As the little snowflake melted on her palm, she smiled sweetly and thought to herself:

'Life isn't so bad after all... At least I can earn enough money to afford my mom's medical expenses as well as my brother's tuition. That's good enough for me.'

"I will run, I will climb, I will soar. I am undefeated!" Molly declared to herself.

Suddenly, her phone rang. Molly took it out from her bag, looked at the phone number and realized that she had never seen this number before. A bit confused, Molly answered, "Hello?"

"Is Molly there?" The voice at the other end of the line inquired. It was a man's voice whose tone made her feel strange and extremely uncomfortable.

Molly frowned, and became more confused. "Who is this?" she asked as she got a little nervous.

"If you don't want your father dead, come to the bar at Qingyang road in half an hour!" the man said in a cold tone without answering Molly's question. "By the way, I'm not patient waiting for people," he added menacingly.


A scream of terror was heard on the background as the man finished his words. Hearing this, Molly became more terrified as horrifying thoughts rushed through her mind. Her eyes widened and her face looked extremely anxious. Trembling with both fear and worry, she shouted on the phone, "What did you do to my father?" "Hey, wait a minute!" Molly said in hurry but

The phone was hung up before she could even get an answer. The worry on her face intensified, but she had no time to think about it. Wasting no time, Molly hailed a taxi, quickly hopped in it and said, "Qingyang road, please."

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