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   Chapter 4 Leaving Me Heartbroken

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When Eric Long heard Brian's words, a sly smile appeared on his face. The look in his eyes became deep and serene yet no amount of intimidation could be seen from his face. With an arched eyebrow, he asked: "Does it mean now that you want to come back to Dragon Island?"

Brian Long slightly lifted the corners of his mouth. He leaned his back against the chair, and said, "If I go back there, I'll make sure that I'll seize not only the Dragon Empire, but also..."

Pausing for a while, Brian's eyes became squarely cold and deep. His charming face seemingly transformed into a contemptible look which resembled a cunning leopard, ready to pounce on his prey any second. His sinister and vicious smile undoubtedly sent chills to anyone who saw it. He then continued, "... the control over the Dragon Island!"

Eric Long lowered his head and sneered at Brian's daunting words but it took no effect on him. No words coming from Brian could rattle or derail him. His gaze darkened, revealing audacity in his eyes. With a look of equally presumptuous arrogance on his face, he said: "Now that you're betting on such a high price, then... why don't we start?"

Slightly astonished, Brian Long focused his deep gaze on him, and thought, 'He's three years younger than me but he's not as imprudent and naive as before. I must not underestimate him. It's obvious that he's grown into an eagle which is ready to hunt any time.'

In reality, the two were only fighting over their right to care for Becky. Properties and power were just too easy for them to reclaim anytime they wanted. And it was not much of a loss for either of them, anyway.

"You are my guest today, so I'll give you the chance to decide how we'll play this game," said Brian Long unemotionally as he leisurely picked up a glass of red wine which the waiter had put on the table earlier. He took a small sip and its excellently light taste spread in his mouth. At the same time, the grin on his face changed into something mysterious as he put the glass back on the table.

"Then, shall we bet... on who's going to get a higher card?" Eric asked with a straight face.

After hearing this, Brian Long just shrugged his shoulders in response. Neither of them was actually good at gambling or guaranteed to win. They were merely betting on their eyesight and pushing their luck in the game. Trying to psyche out his challenger, Brian spoke sharply, "You should know that luck has always been on my side."

"I never lose!" Eric Long replied confidently. Then he also shrugged his shoulders, returning Brian's gesture a while ago. This diminished the intensity of the atmosphere between them and slowly, it started to shift to a more relaxed and comfortable environment for the two.

Brian Long then slightly turned his eyes to the dealer, who had been observing the two from the start. The dealer immediately understood what Brian meant and tore open a new pack of playing cards. He carefully removed all the jokers and then started to skillfully shuff

le the cards.

After that, the dealer placed the cards on his hand and asked both of them politely, "Mr. Brian Long and Mr. Eric Long, would you cut the cards, please?"

A strange smile suddenly appeared on Eric Long's face. He quickly grabbed a token and threw it directly towards the dealer, aiming at his elbow. After a short "Ouch!" the cards were thrown away into the air and started to fall down like a rain of papers.

Both Brian and Eric remained at their seats, watching calmly and smiling at each other. Suddenly, as if reading each other's mind, they moved at the same moment and stretched out their hands respectively towards two different cards.

Brian Long caught his card faster than Eric. He gave a sly smile and immediately threw the card away. It flew directly towards another card and because of its strong force, it propelled another card into Eric Long's hand. At that exact moment, Brian's hand appeared out of the blue and grabbed the card that Eric Long dreadfully wanted to get.

It all happened in a flash. Brian was so quick that Eric Long barely had the time to react to it.

"It seems that the odds are in my favor," said Brian Long. The look of triumph was all over his face. He turned the card over unhurriedly, and as expected, it was the Ace of Spades.

Eric Long didn't even take the time to glance at the card in his own hand, and just mumbled with a hint of annoyance, "You never humour me a bit..."

"You know, the game is about her. I'll be serious about everything that relates to her!" Brian said firmly as he casually threw the card on the table. Full of determination in his voice, he continued, "She belongs to no one but me!"

But Eric Long, unwilling to compromise to any of Brian's contention, asked with a relaxed look on his face, "Really?" To Eric, the game was not over yet. His face showed no sign of defeat. Instead, a cunning look was reflected shining in his eyes. He then said slowly, "Becky... She should have reached the airport by now."

When Brian Long heard this, the look of satisfaction on his face immediately transformed into a mixed expression of incredulity and indignation. He stared closely at Eric Long's face, and knew that he wasn't just kidding. In an angry yet low voice, Brian asked, "Did she ask you to stall me so she could get away?"

But Eric Long kept mum, wearing a sly smile.

"Well done, Eric, well done indeed!" Brian shouted in frustration. His lips twitched with fury, and the look in his eyes became unexplainably cruel and full of contempt. Enraged, he moved his gaze away from his brother, left his seat, and then stormed out of the room.

Meanwhile, Eric Long was still playing with the card in his hand. He glanced at the door through which Brian Long had left, and murmured to himself, "I wish you knew how I enjoyed seeing your angry face, Brian."

Eric's face was full of satisfaction as he said those words. But in a moment, that look slightly shifted into a frown and complex emotions surged through his eyes.

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