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   Chapter 3 A More Challenging Game

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Molly Xia raced to the dressing room to change her clothes while gasping for air after the rush and scare she encountered a while ago. She could just imagine the worst if the car hadn't stopped in time. Her heart was still pounding a thousand beats a second and her knees were slightly trembling as she quickly changed her clothes. Trying to calm herself, she took a deep breath, held it in, then exhaled.

In a white blouse and a red bow tie matching a red A-line skirt, Molly wore her long satin black hair in a bun. Her youthful appearance was soon slightly concealed by the waitress uniform and the mature hairstyle. Her looks gave her that sense of confidence and professionalism in her work yet nothing could hide the innocence in her eyes. Taking a minute in, she gazed at herself in the mirror and paused.

"Come on, Molly! You're the best!" Molly said to herself in the mirror and raised her fist to cheer herself up. Taking a last quick glance in her reflection, she walked out of the dressing room and started her shift for the night. Seeing her walk out of the dressing room, Lily Song, one of her coworkers, approached her straightaway.

"Hey, Molly! Have you heard?" Lily asked enthusiastically. Without waiting for any response, Lily Song drew close to Molly and whispered in a mysterious voice, "The Super VIP Room is booked for tonight."

"Well, okay…" Molly responded without showing any hint of excitement and lowered her head to take notes. It didn't pique her interest a bit, much to Lily's disappointment.

Lily felt helpless and rolled her eyes at Molly. She curled up her lips and complained, "Molly, could you please act like a girl sometimes? Could you at least show a little interest in gossip? Aren't you thrilled? It's not just any room, it's the Super VIP Room!" Lily animatedly explained to Molly, giving extra emphasis by saying it word by word. "And only customers whose bet money is over ten million have access to it," she added.

Molly raised her head and looked at Lily, whose eyes were sparkling with admiration and hopeful imagination. She let out a sigh and said, "Lily... I have about five part-time jobs to do every day. Tell me how I can have the time to care about gossip? Besides, it's a room for those prominent billionaires. We can't just barge in there you know, so... you'd better head back home now, and I have to get busy with work,"

Molly said, putting the log book back to the locker. Lily made a long face after hearing this, pouting. A look of disillusionment was painted across her face. Molly smiled at Lily spiritedly and then walked out of the shift room.

The Grand Night Casino was the largest and grandest casino in A City, a place where people could become instant millionaires or even billionaires and earn a fortune they had only dreamed of. However, for some, unfortunately, it was a place where they could lose everything they had in just a blink of an eye.

But for the most part, the Grand Night Casino was a place where lust, greed, and the dark side of human nature were truthfully revealed. Behind the phoney luxury and prosperity, it was in fact, a dark and deep abyss. Once people got caught into it, they set themselves up for despair forever.

Molly steadied a tray in her hands and served around the gambling tables. A courteous smile never left her pretty face. Moving from one table to another, she quickly refilled every empty glass w

ith wine. If luck would have it, Molly would even receive a chip as a tip when a gambler was overjoyed after winning a round.

She would contentedly keep the blue chips in her pocket and then continue going around the tables, serving the gamblers and making sure that they were well-assisted. Without a slightest trace of weariness on her face, Molly was always vigorous and full of energy all throughout the night.

Compared to the clamor in the main hall, the Super VIP Room on the top floor had a silent and reserved ambiance. The huge door was intricately designed and the room, though darkly painted, was well illuminated by the luxurious lights. Elegance was spelled in the furniture and in every corner of the room.

A man at the age of about twenty-three was sitting casually at the end of a large gambling table, looking dominantly impressive in his well-tailored suit. He closed his eyes lazily while tapping his long and slim fingers on the green flannel of the table. His short and tousled hair flopped over his eyebrows, shading the tameless and wicked look in his eyes.

"Bang!" The big wooden door made the sound as it was suddenly opened from the outside. Upon hearing it, the man grinned viciously and then slowly raised his head a little, revealing the shrewd look in his eyes. The deep and mysterious expression on his handsome face looked way beyond his years.

At that moment, Brian Long appeared at the doorstep. His eyes were drawn directly to the man inside the room. He paused and loosened a mischievous grin before walking towards the table. Remarkably different from the man sitting inside the room, Brian was radiating an imperious and wildly arrogant aura in every move.

Brian carelessly took off his coat and randomly threw it to the waiter next to him. He occupied the seat at the other end of the table, opposite the man who had arrived earlier. Making himself comfortable, Brian casually crossed his legs, lit a cigarette, and said, "You should come with me tomorrow to meet the people from QY Island."

"Okay!" The man responded nonchalantly as he played with the chips, not even lifting his gaze from the table.

Brian calmly leaned his back against the chair. His eyes narrowed as he stared at the man opposite to him. His face showed curiosity as he raised his eyebrows and asked, "Eric, do you really want to gamble for her with me?"

"What do you think?" Eric Long responded in a smirk and met Brian's eyes. He shrugged while spreading his hands and curled his lips into a cold smile.

Brian looked down thoughtfully and snuffed out his cigarette in the ashtray. Realizing the determination of his challenger, he slowly opened his mouth and said, "Well, if that is the case, then... why don't we play something more challenging? What do you think?"

Upon finishing his words, Brian slightly raised his head in an angle; a hint of threat and assertiveness flashed through his eyes.

Eric, still wearing a poker face, threw the chips in his hands onto the table and said, "Then tell me, what are the rules?"

"If you lose this game, you have to give up on Becky, and..." Brian responded as he leaned his body forward and clasped his hands together. Holding back the rest of the words, tension started to build up in the room. With lips raised in one corner and an arrogant expression emanating from his chiseled face, Brian continued, "And hand over the Dragon Empire Group!"

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