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   Chapter 2 Love Began With The First Meeting

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The First Encounter


Five years ago...

Bright neon lights and headlights blazed here and there. Grand colourful signs and displays illuminated and danced to a beat, painting a vibrant and stunning night scene despite the freezing weather.

Snow fell silently from the dark sky. Like many lovely fairies, the snowflakes flew freely in the air against the bright headlights before gently resting on the ground.

Along the street, a thin and frail lady wearing a down coat and a knitted hat ran hurriedly. Her warm breath spread all over her small pretty face.

On a closer look, Molly's face was outlined with an anxious expression while she looked at the watch with a cartoon character design on her hand. Deep into her own thoughts, she muttered words only she could hear while running through the pavement. The moment she saw the Grand Night Casino's sign decorated with the flashing neon light, she quickened her pace as if in desperation.

All of a sudden, Molly's attention was caught by an intensely loud high-pitched noise causing her to stop dead in her tracks.

A car screeched to a halt just in front of her when she was about to cross the street. Confounded, Molly stood still as if frozen to the ground and stared at the car with widened eyes. Her face had been slightly red with cold earlier, but now all colors in her face had been swept out.

After a few seconds of shocked silence, Molly started to realize what had happened. She turned to look at the car just a few feet from her. Her eyes searched for a face inside the vehicle but the bright and glaring headlights prevented her from catching a glimpse of the persons inside.

Not wanting to waste any more minutes, Molly quickly bowed to the car to make an apology before running towards the Grand Night Casino in a hurry. A pair of eyes however, was studying her from inside the vehicle. Sitting in the back seat of the car, Brian's gaze was glued to the woman from the moment he saw her.

He squinted at

her frail figure through the car window, hiding that thoughtful expression in his deep-set eyes which became slightly narrowed. With a straight face, he gently closed his thin lips, seemingly indifferent to anything.

With furrowed eyebrows and lips pursed, Brian was absorbed into his own thoughts. The thin frail woman with a vibrant face, reminded him of Becky.

As if mocking himself at the thought, the corners of his mouth curved up a bit. When the woman disappeared into the Grand Night Casino, Brian drew his gaze away and meanwhile, he looked very calm without any expression gleaming in his dark eyes.

"Let's go," Brian said flatly to Tony Xing.

Instantaneously, Tony Xing started the engine, turned to the corner of the street and drove to the underground parking lot of the Grand Night Casino. After parking the car at the exclusive space, Tony Xing got out of the car and respectfully opened the back door.

Brian stretched out his long leg and got out of the car. Right then, a red Lamborghini stopped at the parking space in front of him. His mouth twisted in a sarcastic smile as he stood there, taking a cold glance at the car.

At this moment, his phone rang.

Its ring tone broke the deafening silence of the underground parking lot with an echo which would probably make anybody feel uncomfortable in such a gloomy and cold weather.

Without checking who was calling him, Brian answered the phone. His eyebrows raised while he listened to the other end of the line. With a touch of sarcasm in his voice, he said slowly," Why are you so impatient? Are you anxious to lose everything?"

"We never know. Maybe I can win this time!" Someone said lazily over the phone.

Brian sneered and spoke," If you lose again today, you have to give up the right to chase her..."

Though he sounded a bit playful and relaxed, Brian's indifferent voice was absolutely serious. Those who knew him well would realize that it was his warning before he competed for something.

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