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   Chapter 17 Seventeen

Queen Of My Heart By Symplyayisha Characters: 11744

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Weeks Later.

"Wake up Sleepy head!" Ronald whispered sweetly in her ear.

"No, go away, I want to sleep." She moaned.

"But it's your birthday. You have to wake up." He said.

She groaned as she snuggled closer to the pillow.

"Happy Birthday my love." He whispered in her ear after which he kissed her.

She smiled as she returned his kiss, her eyes still closed.

"Long life and prosperity babe. I love you."

"Thank you honey. I love you more."

"Won't you open your eyes? let me see how beautiful they are before I leave for work." He said as he took a seat beside her on the bed and stroked her long hair.

"But you see my eyes everyday." She groaned, her eyes still closed.

Why won't he let her sleep? If she look in his eyes, she might get emotional and let it out. But she wanted to tell him tonight.

Raina was given a day off by Uncle Rico. He said she should rest since its her birthday but Ronald was already dressed up for work.

Ronald wanted to say something but was distracted when someone opened the door.

"Happy Birthday to you......" Three voices started singing. It was Alexa, Adrie and Clarice who was holding the birthday cake.

Raina was forced to open her eyes and her heart melted at their gesture..

"Happy Birthday Mommy."

"Happy Birthday Raina."

The girls said as they made their way to Raina on the bed. She was trying to sit up when they both kissed her cheek.

"Thank you my gorgeous Angels." She said and kissed their cheek in return.

"Happy Birthday my dear." Clarice said as she placed a chocolate cake before Raina.

"Thank you so much Clarice."

"Go on, make a wish before blowing off the candles." Alexa encouraged, her eyes not leaving the cake.

And Raina did just that. She closed her eyes for a second, made a wish and blew off the candles which earned a cheer from the girls.

Ronald was recording the moment all through, starting from when Clarice and the girls walked in with the cake. He remembered he left his camera in his office downstairs so he used his phone to capture the moment.

The girls encouraged Raina to cut her cake which she did with the knife handed to her by Clarice. She took a bite of the cake after which she cut small pieces and fed them to Adrie and Alexa.

"Okay, I'm a little bit jealous here. Where's mine?" Ronald pouted as he passed his phone to Clarice to continue the recording while he went closer to Raina and she fed him a piece too.

After that, Clarice took the girls out of the room to go have their bath.

"You should be ready by 6pm." Ronald said.

"Why?" She asked as she took another slice of cake. She wasn't a fan of sugary food but guess her present condition permits it.

"We're going out to celebrate your birthday!" He said and she nodded.

"Any specific colour of dress for me to wear?" She asked him.

"A package will be delivered for you anytime from now. It contains your outfit."

"Thank you!" She replied with a smile.

"What about the girls? Should I get them ready too?"

"Don't worry. My mom will be coming over to pick them up. I sort of got everything covered." He said as he scratched the back of his head.

"Okay then. I will be ready by 6."

"It's time for me to leave. Enjoy your day off." Ronald said after which he gave her a quick kiss on her lips.


Raina found herself feeling so giddy. She had almost finished her birthday cake when she decided she had ate enough. She stood up from the bed and arranged t

said with a smile.

"This is unbelievable. Thank you!"

"Sure, but there's still one more surprise." he told her.

"And what is that?" She asked with her eye brow raised while Ronald scratched the back of his head, suddenly looking nervous.

Then he went down on one knee and bought out a red velvet squared box which contained a diamond ring. At this point Raina was speechless with her eyes heavy with tears.

"I knew you were the one since the first time i set my eyes on you. And honestly, I can't imagine my life without you and Adrie in it. Throughout the past months we've been together, you've become my soul mate, my other half and most importantly the Queen of my heart. I want you to be the mother of our girls and also the mother of the future children God will bless us with. I want to sleep and wake up beside you for the rest of my life. You really make me a better person Raina. Please will you marry me?"

Everywhere was quiet for a while. The only thing they could hear was Raina faint sobs. Then she finally said.

"Yes Ronald, I will marry you."

Everyone clapped and shouted for joy as Ronald slipped the ring into her finger after which he stood up, wipe away her tears and kissed her passionately.

They were interrupted when small hands tugged their clothes. They looked down and saw a very happy Adrie and Alexa.

"We have a gift for you Mummy." Alexa said and Raina's heart melted. This is the first time Alexa is referring to her as 'Mummy.'

"And for you too Daddy." Adrie grinned as she said to Ronald. He smiled too and was glad she called him daddy.

The girls gave them a gift which was wrapped with a blue wrapping paper. Raina collected it and opened it immediately.

And she came across with a framed picture of the four of them. Judging from their outfit in it, She could tell It was one of the pictures they took this morning.

"Clarice helped us in making the present." Adrie grinned.

"I love it. Thank you my angels." Raina said as she crouched towards them and gave them a hug and Ronald did the same.

"Can we be the flower girls at the wedding?" Alexa asked her newly engaged parents with pleading eyes.

"Sure." Raina replied and the girls cheered.

Raina and Ronald were congratulated by everyone. They congratulated Raina on her new restaurant and her engagement.

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