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   Chapter 15 Fifteen

Queen Of My Heart By Symplyayisha Characters: 7375

Updated: 2018-11-30 07:39

"So what did you girls do at Grandma's place?" Raina asked Alexa and Adrie as she helped them put on their pyjamas. They arrived from their Grandma's place not long ago.

"We ate many chocolates." Adrie grinned at her mom, knowing Raina would not have allowed them to eat that amount of chocolates.

"Grandma took us to the park and also a birthday party." Alexa said.

"Aunty Elena came to visit us at Grandma's place too." She added and Adrie nodded.

Raina knew her babies hd lot of fun with their Grandma. So did her and Ronald. She blushed as soon as she remembered all what they had done during the weekend.

"Is anything the matter Raina? Your cheeks are turning red." Alexa asked.

"It's nothing my dear. Let's get you girls to bed." She said and then monitored them as they climb their bed. In that process, Ronald walked in.

He walked over the girls and kissed their forehead after which he took a seat on the left edge side of the bed with Raina seated on the right edge side of the bed.

"We were thinking about changing the structure of your room." Ronald said to the girls and they looked at him confused, especially Alexa, who had a frown on her face.

"Do you want us to re-arrange the room with the two of you having your separate bed? Adrie's bed will be at this end and Alexa's bed will be at the other end."

He asked and Alexa nodded negatively.

"Adrie and I love sharing the same bed. Isn't it Adrie?" She directed to Adrie who nodded positively.

"Okay then. If that's what you guys want." He said as he took a look at Raina who shrugged at him.

Raina and Ronald stayed a little longer with the girls, they made conversations with them until they fell asleep. Then they returned to Ronald's room.

"Come here." He gestured to the space beside him and Raina hopped in and buried her face in the crook of his neck. He wrapped his right arm around her and stroked her hair with his left hand.

He knew she needed him more than ever, not after the news she watched today.

Earlier, after they finished lunch, they came across the news on TV about some men who were involved in burglary and rape. Frank Alba, Raina's ex lover was mentioned to be the leader of

e and the cupcake while she took the other glass and sat on a couch beside Gemma.

"Sorry about Frank. I saw the news." Jemma said.

"I'm over it. I just feel so sorry for his mom. The poor woman keeps trying to make it up to him but he keeps disgracing her."

"Is he the only child?" Jemma asked.

"He is from his mom's side. His mom remarried so he has step siblings."

"My condolences to her."

"Yeah, I'm just happy I left him long ago."

"There's something about you Ray, you're glowing." Jemma smirked and she blushed.

"Is there anything you're not telling me?"

"Like what?" Raina teased.

"Stop joking around babe. I want every detail." She pressed and Raina blushed the more.

'How will she tell someone about what she had with Ronald. How will she even explain how incredible what they had was?'

"You guys made love right?" She asked with a grin and Raina nodded.

"I'm so happy for you my friend. Now I feel so rest assured. I thought you guys weren't going to make that move. I've been waiting since like forever." Jemma said and they both chuckled.

"So how are you, how's my god daughter?"

"I Can't wait for her to be out. She's been kicking non stop." Jemma replied with her mouth full of cupcake, rubbing her belly in the process.

Well since today was Friday and she had no work during weekends, Raina decided to stay with Jemma till 8pm. They chatted, went to the baby's room to do some arrangement and watched movies.

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