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   Chapter 12 Twelve

Queen Of My Heart By Symplyayisha Characters: 4578

Updated: 2018-11-30 07:34

Ronald called not long after they had dinner that he will be a little bit late today so Raina tucked the girls to bed alone.

As usual, she was seating in the middle of the girls bed. Her head against the headboard, reading them a bed time story.

Raina turned to her left and saw that Adrie was fast asleep. She turned to her right and saw that Alexa was feeling sleepy as she kept on rubbing the back of her palm against her eyes.

A question popped into Raina's head and she thought of asking Alexa about it.

"Alexa darling." she called.

"Yes." The little girl said in her sleepy voice.

"Why did you introduce Adrie as your sister to everyone?"

Everything was silent for a while until Alexa sat up and faced Raina.

"Are you mad at me for doing that?" The little girl asked.

"No honey. I'm not mad at you. I'm just curious to know why." Raina said as she stroked her light brown hair.

"It's because I love Adrie so much and I want her to be my baby sister. I've always wanted a sister to play with and then Daddy introduced Adrie to me."

"I want us to be a family Raina. Will you marry my Daddy so that you can be my mommy?. Please " The little girl pleaded with a sad face.

Raina was beyond shocked. She didn't know what to say to Alexa. She wondered how a six year old knew what marriage meant.

"It's okay Sweetheart, go to bed. I'll

which turned to a sad smile after a while.

"No problem." He said as he untangled his hands from hers.

In order for things not to get awkward between them, he changed the topic.

"So how was work today?" He asked as he handed her the glass of wine.

"Fine. Everyone was nice to me."

"Any new friends?" He asked interested.

"Not really, except for the head chef. Her name is Maggie." She replied and he nodded.

"I'm glad you're enjoying it over there."

"That reminds me, Alexa will be continuing her swimming lessons tomorrow so Adrie will be joining her. I signed her up too."

Raina frowned. "But Adrie doesn't even know how to swim."

"That's why it's called swimming lesson babe." He grinned and she sighed.

"I know. Maybe I'm just scared of her drowning."

"You don't need to worry. She will be in safe hands." He assured and she nodded after which she took a sip of her drink.

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