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   Chapter 3 Three

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Adrie woke up before Alexa and she didn't know what to do. So she just kept on looking, studying Alexa's room. Adriana felt kind of lonely because she miss her mom, hopefully they will go see her in the hospital today as Ronald promised.

After sometime Alexa woke up too.

"Good morning Alexa." Adrie said. Her mom taught her to always greet everyone she sees in the morning.

"Good morning Adrie." Alexa said in between yawn after which she pulled Adrie into a hug which caused her to giggle.

If a stranger walks in on them, he or she would think they are sisters.

They helped themselves out of the bed after which they walked into the bathroom to pee and wash their face. Alexa helped Adrie in rinsing and wiping her hands and face.

As they were about to walk out of the bathroom, Clarice walked in on them, She greeted them, they did the same and she pulled them into a hug and kissed their forehead.

She took Alexa's brush, applied some paste in them and then washed her teeth for her after which she did the same for Adrie with a new tooth brush.

After they were done brushing their teeth, Alexa suggested they go wake her daddy up.


Ronald felt someone bouncing on his bed. He groaned as he knew it was no other person than his daughter Alexa.

Alexa giggled as she felt her Daddy groan under the duvet. She then encouraged Adrie to come jump with her.

Ronald couldn't take it anymore so he opened his eyes and pulled Alexa's leg which made her fall flat on the bed and he began tickling her for disturbing his sleep.

Alexa giggled out loudly after which she began begging her dad to stop tickling her.

Ronald raised his head and saw Adrie looking at them, For Adrie not to feel left out, he started tickling her also which caused her to giggle.

"Good morning Daddy." Alexa finally said as she kissed her dad on his cheek.

"Good morning sweetheart." Ronald replied as he kissed her forehead.

"Good morning." Adrie said with a grin and Ronald pulled her into a hug and he kissed her cheek.

"Did you guys sleep well?" He asked the them and they nodded.

"I miss my mommy." Adrie said out of the blue.

"Don't worry we will go visit her today okay." He said and Adrie nodded with a smile. She has never been away from her mom for so long.

"Can I come too?" Alexa pleaded and her dad said yes.

"What do you girls want for breakfast?" He asked.

"What do you want Adrie?" Alex asked her.

"Maybe pancakes." She said.

"We will have pancakes Daddy." Alexa announced.

"Okay, I will be right back." Ronald said as he stood up and walked into his bathroom to wash his teeth and face. He returned to his room and saw the girls resting their head against the head board as they focused on the TV, watching what he knew to be Alexa's favorite cartoon.

"Okay girls, lets go make breakfast." He called their attention and helped them down from his bed. Then they all walked out of his room.

Normally, Clarice would have been the one to make breakfast but since it was a Saturday and the girls requested to eat something he could make, he decided to make breakfast himself.

Before Ronald had Alessandra, he took care of his home himself. Then, he was living in his luxurious two bedroom apartment. He cleaned, cooked and did his laundry himself except the exceptional laundry that needed dry cleaning services.

But when he had Alexa, he bought this mansion. A two storey mansion.

When he moved in, he hired Clarice, Beatrice and four other security guards.

Beatrice is the cleaner. She comes every morning to clean the house and do the laundry.

Ronald also had a chef who quit when Alexa was four. He tried to hire another one but Clarice offered to take up the position since Alexa was no longer a handful and she do get bored at times.

So he let her and saw the need to increase her salary too. But he was always ready to give a hand where necessary.

Ronald made breakfast and they all ate after which Clarice gave the girls a bath and they went off to Alexa's play room to have fun. Then Clarice used that opportunity to start making food that

they will take to the hospital for Adrie's mom.

As soon as Clarice took the girls for a bath, Ronald proceeded to his room to take his bath too after which he put on some casual clothes and went to his office which was downstairs beside the guest room to do some work.

After a while, he was distracted by his phone which was ringing. He took a look at the caller ID and it turned out to be his family Doctor. Doctor Philip.

"Hello Doctor Philip." He greeted.

"Good morning Ronald." He said back.

Ronald and his family had known Doctor Philip for such a long time, he was there during Ronald and his sister's birth. Doctor Philip is in his early 50's and very energetic.

"Is anything the matter, How is Raina?" He asked.

"She's fine. I checked up on her when I resumed my shift this morning. She's awake and she's requesting to see her daughter and the person who helped her." Dr Philip said.

"My regards to her. Please tell her we'll be there this afternoon and please let her know her daughter misses her too."

"I will son, See you later then." He said.

"Yes Dr Philip, Thank you." He said as he ended the call.

Ronald checked the time and saw that he could still work few more minutes before they start preparing for their visit to the hospital.

When it was time to get ready, he shut down his laptop and walked out of his office. He went upstairs to his room and Changed into a more friendly outfit after which he went to Alexa's room.

Ronald entered Alexa's room and there was nobody there, He checked her walk in playroom to see if she and Adrie were hiding but he found no one. He walked out of Alexa's room and went in search of the girls in the living room downstairs.

He found them on the dining table having their snacks.

"It's snack time Daddy. You should come and have some." Alexa offered with a mouth full of cake.

"No Thanks honey."

"But hurry up, we have to go see Adrie's mom." He said.

Ronald walked into the kitchen and greeted a busy Clarice.

"Oh you're ready. Let me quickly clean up the kitchen and I will go get the girls ready."

"Don't worry. I will get them ready so you can get ready too." he offered.

"Thanks Ronald. I've already picked out their outfit. It's on Alexa's bed.The bigger dress is for Alexa and the smaller one should fit Adrie." She said.

"That's true. I was thinking about us going to the mall after the visit, to get some clothes for Adrie." He said.

"Do you think the mall will still be opened by the time we'll be leaving the hospital?" She chuckled.

"That's true." Ronald mumbled as he reached for a bottle of water in the fridge.

"We can always shop for Adrie anytime. And for the main time, she will wear some of Alexa's clothes."

"Okay, I will give you my credit card so you will go shopping for her on Monday."

"The girls should have finished their snack by now. Let me go get them ready." Ronald said as he walked out of the kitchen to go get the girls ready.

About thirty minutes later, they were all ready to go. Ronald was the last person to walk out of the house, locking the door behind him. The girls were walking towards the car in their matching outfit with Clarice behind them holding a basket containing food and fruits in one hand and a bag containing God knows what on the other hand.

Ronald assisted Clarice in putting all the items in the car. He decided to take his other car which was dark blue in colour and also spacious.

Ronald noticed there was a problem as there was only one car seat.

"Daddy, let Adrie use the car seat, She needs it more than I do." Alexa offered as if she could read her Daddy's mind.

"Alright cupcake." Ronald replied. He was proud of the young woman his six year old was becoming. He was happy because she was friendly and was always willing to share.

He carried Adrie and gently placed her in the car seat after which he buckled her up.

He also helped Alexa into the car, beside Adrie and helped her buckle the seat belt.

Ronald opened the front passenger seat for Clarice after which he found his way to the driver's seat, started the car and drove towards the hospital.

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