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   Chapter 1588 Transformation

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Darren's eyes sparkled as he thought of the key again.

From the look in Harlan's eyes, it was clear that he was also thinking of the same thing. "When God closes a door, he opens a window. I've sent someone to successfully infiltrate the Tyrone Mansion as a servant and look for an opportunity to help you. So don't worry, Mr. Xu."

'Impressive,' Darren thought. Honestly, he couldn't have asked for a better right-hand man than Harlan. He gave Harlan an appreciative look and nodded. Now that someone had sneaked into the mansion, he could rest easy. There was only one thing left to do—keep fighting.

"Find a way to spread the news that the KING Group is going to transform in the field of skincare products. Be careful with the advertisements, and don't overdo it!" Darren ordered sternly.

This was the best way to get the attention of the HT Group. Harlan nodded obediently and left.

At the HT Group's headquarters...

The company's latest products were number one in the market. Their products were definitely phenomenal. They had spent countless nights in an effort to perfect their products, and it showed. Jacob had also worked hard for several weeks to ensure the success of their new items.

However, their job wasn't done yet. Jacob knew that it would still take a lot of his time and energy to maintain the products' stable sales. On top of that, he also had to keep a close eye on the KING Group's movements. Jacob's ultimate goal was to destroy the KING Group, no matter what.

In the past few weeks, Jacob had practically drowned himself with work. Even though the products were doing well, he could not find time to relax. The dark circles under his eyes only got worse as the days passed by. All the female employees in the HT Group felt sorry for their boss.

"Our boss is clearly exhausted. He has to work hard to compete with his business competitors. When he gets home, he still has to take care of his wife and three children…"

"That's true. As his employees, we also have to work hard. We have some new products that would make our jobs easier! I also bought some raw materials and made the product at my own house..."

There were two thick files on Jacob's table, and he had only just finished going through half of them. When he looked at the clock on the wall, he saw that it was already five o'clock in the evening. There was only an hour left before he had to get off work.

For several weeks in a row, he had made a habit of getting home before ten o'clock at night. Jacob did that because he was afraid that his wife would worry too much. Whenever he arrived home from work, the children would already be asleep, and he often had to continue working in his home office. Emily even teased him about his busy schedule. When he left for work, the children would still be asleep, and when he came home, the children were already in bed. He was never at the house when the children

g dinner. There was a new group of servants in the house, but Emily still fed the baby by herself. She was afraid that the servants would not do it well, so she made sure that she fed her baby by herself every time.

When she sat down at the table, Emily noticed that her bowl was already filled with vegetables.

"Mommy, Daddy said we shouldn't eat too much. So we've given our food to you." Beryl pouted to express her annoyance.

Furrowing her brows, Emily glanced at Jacob and said, "Why aren't you letting our children eat? I've done so much. Isn't that enough for you?"

Turning a deaf ear to what she had just said, Jacob explained earnestly, "All of the dishes you cooked are our favorite. What if we overeat and leave you with nothing?"

Emily was a little surprised at his thoughtfulness. Wordlessly, she picked up a pair of chopsticks and started to eat.

"Dad, I'm done with my homework. After dinner, is it okay if we play badminton in the yard?" Beryl asked with a hopeful look while eating.

"I want to play too!" Bowen's eyes sparkled. He clasped his hands together and added, "Please, Daddy!"

Initially, Jacob had wanted to spend some time with Emily. However, he couldn't let his children down, especially when they had such eager expressions on their faces, so he agreed to their request. After all, it was still a little early. Jacob could spend time with his wife later.

With an approving nod, Emily reminded, "Make sure you rest for thirty minutes first before you play badminton. It's not good to play sports right after dinner. You'll get a stomachache."

It was already dark outside, so they had to turn on the lights in the courtyard of the Tyrone Mansion. Once it was brightly lit, Beryl and Bowen each took a racket and played with Jacob. While looking at the people loudly playing in front of her, Emily peacefully sat on a rocking chair with Baron in her arms and gently patted her little son's back.

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