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   Chapter 1587 A War Without Smoke

The Spoiled Girl By Elephant Characters: 14807

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Because of the HT Group's incredible success with their brand new line of skincare products, countless superstars and even some well-known news anchors reached out to the company, wanting to be their spokesperson. Luckily for them, Jacob felt generous and gave each one of them a few products to test on their own, free of charge. When these celebrities got a hold of the products, they couldn't stop telling everyone about how great the products were for their skin. As a result, the public's interest grew exponentially.

While the HT Group's products rose to the top, the KING Group's hold on the skincare industry gradually dwindled. For the last six months, the KING Group's skincare products were all the craze. But now, not a single soul was even talking about them anymore.


Darren slammed the stack of reports on his table.

Seeing their sales go down the drain on a piece of paper in front of him, he felt like he had gotten a huge slap in the face. No matter where he looked, all he could see was a line going straight down on a sales chart.

At that moment, he couldn't help but dwell on the time when their sales had reached its absolute peak. People couldn't stop saying good things about the KING Group, and everyone in the business world wanted to work there. Even his employees were brimming with delight because of their success. Back then, everyone had only had praise and admiration for Darren. But now that they had hit rock bottom, the

his country knows that!" Darren irritably replied.

He didn't need Harlan to repeat what he already knew, especially since it was known to pretty much everyone that both groups had been in a grueling war for a long time now.

"Mr. Xu, I know you already know about all of this. But you're still missing the bigger picture. Jacob is focused on defeating you. Because of that, he has no energy nor time to deal with other matters. After all, your rival is still a mortal man. There's no doubt in my mind that he'll show the kinks in his armor sooner or later. We just have to be sharp enough to catch on when it happens." Harlan's meticulous analysis of their situation astounded Darren. He couldn't help but be inspired by the calculating look on his assistant's face.

"You're right! That's why you're my right hand man! So what did you have in mind?" Darren asked in an enthusiastic tone. With how Harlan was acting, he knew his assistant already had a plan for the company.

Harlan took a few seconds to catch his breath. Then, he calmly replied, "Since he's so focused on going against you, let's give him something to beat. When that happens, he'll undoubtedly pour his heart and soul to besting you once again. When he's giving it his all, we're only going to be using the smallest possible amount of effort to keep up with him. And while that's happening, we can start something fresh on the side. If this plan works, we'll have no one to oppose our new venture!"

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