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   Chapter 1567 Blood Donation

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Once Louis was certain that Jacob was no longer in a critical state, he approached Emily to find out what had happened. However, when he saw how miserable she looked, he immediately realized that it wasn't the right time to ask questions. He knew that the only right thing to do at that moment was to sit with his sister and comfort her.

After a while, Emily managed to calm down a little bit and stop her tears from falling down her cheeks. She rubbed her red swollen eyes and then looked at her brother.

"He... He was covered in blood. He saved me... If he wasn't there..." Emily spoke softly, but her voice was still filled with too much worry and anxiety.

Recalling the horrific accident choked her up, and she needed a few more minutes to regain her composure. After that, she continued telling Louis what had happened earlier. "It was Bill. He and his men followed me when I got out of the office. He's the reason why Jacob is in so much pain right now."

Before the accident, Emily hadn't really known who had been driving the car to save her. When she had approached the car to check on the driver, she had realized that it was Jacob who had protected her from harm. Even though he had been bleeding from almost every part of his body, Jacob had still managed to gesture something at Bill.

Emily hadn't really understood what he had meant by it. But it had seemed like Bill had known exactly what Jacob was telling him. With a menacing smile, Bill had shouted at them from inside his car. "You brat! You're lucky you got here on time."

Just the mention of Bill's name caused Louis's blood to start boiling. He was so upset that he felt his eyes starting to fill with a dark, cloudy rage.

'That damned Bill! First, he killed Scott's family and traumatized Scott when he was just a young child. And now, he caused Emily so much sorrow and almost killed Jacob.' With everything Bill had done, Louis knew it was time to get even.

Right at that moment, he promised to himself that Bill would pay the price, tenfold, for all the things that he had done.

A few minutes later, while Louis and Emily were still talking, the light of the operating room was suddenly turned off. Shortly after, its doors were opened. The two of them quickly stood up in anticipation and worry. Emily couldn't resist the urge to go up to the doctor as soon as he walked out of the room and ask, "Doctor, how is my husband?"

"I'm glad to say that he's doing just fine. We were fortunate that Mr. Ke came as soon as he could. His blood is the only reason that Mr. Gu is stable now. The only thing that's left for us to do is to let him rest."

Looking past the doctor, Emily saw Jacob lying still in bed. The first thing she noticed was his pale lips, probably because he had lost so much blood earlier. But when she was told that his life was no longer in danger, Emily breathed a sigh of relief.

Meanwhile, Louis started to feel the effects of donating a significant amount of blood. His face looked paler with every second that passed. Additionally, the stressful situation caused his heart rate to go up. As a result, he became light-headed and had a hard time walking back to the bench.

Emily quickly noticed that her brother wasn't feeling well. She grabbed onto him so

Emily had a cheerful tone, Taylor noticed how tired she really was. She was a little worried about her, but she knew it was better to not ask about it. After a while, Taylor was about to ask something completely different from the accident, but Louis pinched her hand and shook his head a little.

Even if he had nothing to worry about, Taylor chose not to say it anymore.

Emily was completely clueless about the couple's subtle hints to each other. When she looked at the two of them once again, she told Taylor about how much of a help Louis had been. "If it wasn't for him, I'm not sure Jacob would've made it. I'm so fortunate that my brother came at just the right time."

Taylor was confused and didn't know what she meant. She immediately thought that Louis had done something dangerous, so she furrowed her eyebrows at him and asked, "What did you do?"

Before Louis could even open his mouth, Emily answered for him. "The hospital didn't have Jacob's blood type. Luckily, Louis is the same type as him. Thank you so much for giving him some of your blood, Louis. I can't thank you enough." Shortly after, Emily looked at Louis and said, "I'm sure you're feeling tired. Make sure you eat a lot when you go back home. You have to get your strength back since you almost fainted just now."

Right after that, Emily winked at her brother. Now, the siblings had had their own secret conversation that also went unnoticed.

Louis didn't know how to react to Emily's words. He couldn't understand if she was teasing him or helping him.

As expected, Taylor quickly became concerned when she heard Emily. She worriedly looked at Louis and asked, "Are you feeling better now? Do you still feel dizzy?" Right after that, she nudged him to the sofa and helped him sit down.

Emily felt a bit of joy when she saw how affectionate the couple was being.

That being said, Louis knew he should really be more sensitive to his sister. Even if Emily had given him a situation where he could nurture his love with Taylor, it would be inappropriate to display their affection in front of Emily while Jacob was still injured. Thus, he grabbed Taylor's hand and took her to the door.

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