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   Chapter 1513 Blushed

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The atmosphere between them grew more and more awkward. Out of embarrassment, they subconsciously made several small movements. Finally, the elevator stopped. The two of them moved forward at the same time, and their shoulders touched.

It was indeed awkward. As they walked out of the elevator, an employee standing outside greeted Emily.

"Good morning, Miss Bai.

How come you arrived here with Estelle today? Did you two come from the same direction?"

Stunned by the question, Estelle chose to look away.

As for Emily, she just nodded hastily and then walked toward her office, pretending that nothing had happened. She had mixed feelings. Estelle had come clean to her and told her the truth. But although she could understand the reason for Estelle's betrayal, she could not forgive her, not yet at least.

Estelle had promised her that she had turned over a new leaf and was completely a new person. Perhaps she had really made up her mind to repent. 'Should I trust her again?' Emily asked herself. What if Estelle betrayed her again? Could she survive it a second time? Emily had no answer to that question. A part of her wanted to give Estelle a second chance. If Estelle truly regretted what she had done, then she truly deserved Emily's forgiveness. Also, if Emily chose to cling to the past, she might end up making Estelle resent her and turn Estelle's repentance into a grudge.

Emily scratched her head, trying to make a fair decision. "Forget it. I don't need to doubt her. Since I've decided to let Estelle return to Love and Dream, I'll have to trust her again," she murmured to herself.

After making this decision, Emily felt a little more relaxed. She was confident that getting along with Estelle would be the best move. She just hoped that things between them would not be so awkward anymore.

Perhaps it was because of the awkwardness in the morning that Estelle did not come and deliver her progress report to Emily the entire morning. In the afternoon, she hesitated to knock on Emily's office door to discuss her designs with her. She wanted to consult with Emily regarding the designs she had drawn up just like before, but because of the tension between them, staying in a room together would not be so pleasant.

Emily had persuaded herself that she should forgive Estelle, but Estelle was still drowning in guilt and walking on eggshells around her, making the air hang heavily above them.

Finally, it was time to get off work. Emily was ready to head out. As soon as she walked out of the company's gate, she saw Jacob's luxury car parked by the side of the road. Jacob was leaning against the door while fondly gazing at her as she walked up to him. His tall figure and handsome face made many passers-by turn their heads to look at him.

But in Jacob's

entered the living room, he smelled the faint but tempting aroma of delicious food in the air.

Was that woman cooking today?

Darren touched his forehead helplessly, but an amused smile tugged on the corner of his lips.

He followed the aroma to the kitchen and saw Bonnie in a cute apron, busy with cooking. She had a spatula in her hand, and she seemed to be quite enjoying herself. Bonnie had on a determined expression, which she rarely showed. It was obvious that she was facing a formidable situation as to how to deal with the sweet and sour spareribs in the pot.

Darren thought it was funny, and his eyes softened.

Bonnie's delicate and beautiful face was shining in the faint light of dusk, as if she was coated with a layer of golden aura, rendering Darren unable to look away.

Bonnie was about to put the sweet and sour spareribs into a bowl with her spatula. Maybe because she was too anxious, she accidentally spilled some broth on her hand. The broth was freshly cooked and quite hot. Therefore, her white and tender skin was immediately scalded with red marks.

Bonnie recoiled and bit back her scream. She was so engrossed in what she was doing that she did not notice Darren come in. She ignored the pain and proceeded to put the cooked spareribs into the bowl. She then took the bowl to the dining table. After that, she went to the sink to put her scalded hand under cold running water to ease the pain.

A big hand reached for her hurt one.

Bonnie was stunned. She looked up and saw Darren's handsome, frowning face.

"Why are you home so early today?"

To her surprise, Darren did not respond to her. He just carefully raised her scalded hand and asked in a serious tone, "Why are you so careless?"

Bonnie blushed. How could he witness such an embarrassing scene? She did not want him to see the clumsy side of her at all.

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