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   Chapter 1508 He Is Not A Good Man

The Spoiled Girl By Lan Ke Ke Characters: 12476

Updated: 2020-07-29 15:06

"How can I turn a blind eye to what's happening to you? You're stuck with Darren every single day and I'm sure he makes you miserable. How can I just let that continue in good conscience while knowing what he does to you? Please, just take my advice. If you have the chance, leave him as soon as possible. There's no reason to stay with him anymore." The thought of Bonnie being stuck with Darren greatly affected Emily. She honestly hoped that Bonnie would choose to listen to her.

"Emily, what are you talking about? I don't know anyone by the name of Darren." Bonnie asked in confusion while blinking her big, gorgeous eyes.

"I'm talking about the man who took you by force!" Emily was stunned when she heard what came out of Bonnie's mouth. It was bewildering to think that she was absolutely clueless about who Darren was.

"Are you telling me that Danny's real name is Darren? I've been calling him Danny ever since we met. He hasn't corrected me ever since," Bonnie casually responded. However, the thought that Darren had been lying to her from the moment they had met started creeping up her mind.

"Danny? It's Darren! That's always been his name. Gosh, I can't believe he even lied about that." At that instant, Emily realized how pitiful Bonnie's life truly was. As a result, she started to shake her head while thinking to herself, 'Poor Bonnie, she's been living in a lie for so long.'

"I can't believe it! That scumbag has been making a fool of me from the very start!" Bonnie's big eyes easily conveyed her true emotions. Feelings of both anger and sorrow started to fill her inside. Bonnie had a hard time accepting the truth, so tears started to fall from her eyes. It affected her so much that it was almost impossible for her to think clearly.

"It's fine, Bonnie, as long as you listen to me. Darren is a bad man and he doesn't think twice about deceiving young girls like you. Don't let him fool you anymore with his nasty tricks. Please, take my advice, Bonnie. Stay away from him at all costs."

Burdened with a hard decision in front of her, Bonnie had no clue what to do.

It wasn't unreasonable to think that after spending so much time with Darren, she had gradually developed feelings for him. Despite all her efforts to remain sensible, she had inevitably fallen in love with him. For her, leaving the man she loved was too great of a pain to bear.

"Emily, I don't think I can do what you want. Things are different now. I can't leave Darren just like that." Bonnie tried her best to speak normally but it was clear that she felt embarrassed by her decision. Her voice was so quiet that Emily almost didn't hear her.

"What do you mean things are different? Bonnie, please don't tell me you've fallen for that vile man?" Emily asked in disbelief. She couldn't endure seeing Bonnie spend another second with Darren so she added, "Trust me. He is not a good man. When it comes to men, he's the worst of the worst!"

Although Bonnie didn't nod along with Emily's words, she couldn't disagree with what she said either. The awkward expression on Bonnie's face told Emily what she didn't want to hear. Bonnie was head over heels for Darren and anything she said would be utterly useless at that point. Despite that, she still had to try something.

"Please, Bonnie, come to your senses! I can't let you believe that there's a happy ending for the both of you. Staying with that man will only cause you to regret it. And besides, he's a complete maniac!" Emily raised her voice and tried to sound as convincing as she could. It was her final attempt to persuade Bonnie.

Unfortunately, her words fell on deaf ears since Bonnie was still lost in her own thoughts. All she could think about

t seem like her tears were ever going to end. Her long curled eyelashes were dotted with pearl-like tears.

Her desperate words made Darren anxious. He wanted to explain his side of the story, but it seemed hard to do so while Bonnie was still upset.

"Bonnie, please don't cry. Just listen to me for a minute, okay?" Darren tried his best to calm her down. Despite his best efforts, it was to no avail.

"Stop telling me what to do! I have to let out everything because my heart hurts so much! All my pain is because of you, so don't you dare tell me to stop crying!" Bonnie felt even worse than before, and more tears streamed down her rosy red cheeks.

"Oh Bonnie, I know I did something unforgivable. But please, find it in your heart to forgive me. I beg you."

Darren couldn't bear to see the woman he loved like that anymore. Unfortunately, the only thing that seemed appropriate to do was to gently pat her on the shoulders.

Bonnie managed to calm herself down enough to listen to his words. That being said, there was still no way she was going to forgive him that easily. She turned around to listen but she deliberately avoided looking at Darren's face and remained silent.

"Bonnie, if you still hate me, punch my face until all your anger fades away." While saying so, Darren stood in front of Bonnie and kept his head still, as if he was really waiting for her to punch him.

His bold and seemingly idiotic move successfully eased the tension between them. Bonnie was finally able to smile even though there were still tears in her eyes.

The sudden smile on Bonnie's face relieved Darren. He was finally able to let out a sigh of relief, since he knew she was no longer that upset. Afterward, he smiled right back at her and asked, "Bonnie, do you still hate me?" Darren tentatively reached out his hand to help her stand up. While doing so, he stared longingly at her pretty face, desperately seeking her forgiveness.

Bonnie rolled her eyes at him and replied, "Humph, don't you dare think that I'll forgive you that easily just because I'm smiling. I need you to prove that I can trust you. Only then will I forgive you."

"Well then, I promise you that I'll do everything I can to win back your trust." While Darren was speaking, he raised three of his fingers. The serious look on his face was too funny for Bonnie not to laugh at.

"That's good. It's settled then." she replied while pouting. In a way, her innocent looks made it seem very cute.

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