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   Chapter 1501 On The Spur Of The Moment

The Spoiled Girl By Lan Ke Ke Characters: 7143

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Taylor called Emily as soon as she got the news. Part of Emily's memory had not recovered yet, and with regard to her depression, Taylor was really afraid that she would have a relapse.

"How about I bring Amy there to keep you company? Louis is also very worried about you."

Although Emily had not seen Taylor for a long period of time, she had a general understanding of Taylor's relationship with Louis. It was impossible for Taylor and Louis to come to her house at this time, and whoever kept her company would be useless if she could not see Jacob.

"Are you together now?" Emily asked in a hoarse voice.

"Don't worry, Emily. I will bring Jacob there tomorrow." Louis took the phone from Taylor and comforted Emily when he heard Emily's question.

He had been in business for so many years that he had developed some connections. It was not difficult for him to make such a promise to Emily.

Emily was fully aware of Louis's connections and capabilities, so after hearing his promise, she did feel much more relieved.

Nothing and no one could comfort her now except seeing Jacob safe and sound with her own eyes.

Emily was not able to sleep all through the night. Since getting up early in the morning, she had been waiting for Louis and Jacob in the living room. Whenever she heard a noise at the door, she would stand up and walk to the door to check if they were back. But every time, she just returned to the sofa and sat down disappointed.

"Emily, I'm back."

It was almost noon, but Emily was still waiting for Jacob to return despite the repeated disappointments. Upon hearing Jacob's voice, she actually thought she was having an auditory hallucination.

"Emily, look who's back!"

"I'm so sorry if I worried you, Emily."

Suddenly, two voices rang from the door and attracted Emily's attention. Then, she quickly stood up and rushed to Jacob, not caring about her slippers sliding off her feet as she ran.

"You are finally back." Emily held onto Jacob tightly and did not let him go. Jacob tried to free himself for almost a minute, but it did not work.

He looked at Emily and kissed her he

long time. I can't exactly blame all of you if you don't remember me." David looked at everyone in the meeting room with a smile.

He walked to the middle of the meeting room, took a seat, and stretched out his arms. "I overheard one of you as I came in. I think what he said makes sense. The management of the company's daily affairs should be decided by the director who holds the most company shares."

Sam silently walked to stand behind David. The smile on David's face slowly disappeared and was replaced by a serious expression. "Without Jacob here, I hold the most company shares among all of us. From now on, I will be in charge of the company. Any objections?"

The directors looked at each other in total silence.

The shares in their hands were not enough to compete with Jacob's and David's. Now that David said he wanted to manage the company, how could they dare to object?

In the CEO's office of HT Group, David anxiously looked at the quality inspection document in front of him. It was clearly written on the document that the poisoning incident had been caused by the poor food quality of HT Group's products.

He had never expected such a situation.

David and Jacob had founded HT Group together. They had expected that they would encounter countless difficulties, but they had not expected that they would have to deal with a traitor.

"Sam, has the truth been found out?" David asked.

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