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   Chapter 1495 Sit Still

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"No, thank you. Jacob's coming to pick me up." Emily wanted to keep her distance from Jonas.

As an excellent and experienced psychologist, Jonas could easily sense her aversion. He did not push the conversation anymore, for he did not want her to see through him. Instead, he replied casually, "It's just as well. I still have some things to do anyway."

Watching Jonas turn around and leave unconcerned, Emily furrowed her eyebrows.

'There is indeed something wrong with that man, ' she thought as she watched him disappear into the distance.

The next day, in a conference room at the HT Group headquarters, a scheduled meeting took place.

Jacob was casually sitting on his chair and listening to the monthly reports from each department. The meeting covered a wide range of topics like financial expenditure, income, and new recruits.

It lasted for nearly two hours. As Sam handed him a cup of coffee, Jacob rubbed his temples and checked his watch. It was almost eleven o'clock in the morning.

After signing the last contract, he sipped his coffee and asked indifferently, "How is everything going at the factory?"

Sam knew his boss paid more attention to the factory than all the other issues. Therefore, he was not surprised at all when Jacob threw the question at him. Clearing his throat, he replied concisely, "The food processing chain has been completed, and the first batch of food has been manufactured. Everything is going smoothly and according to plan without any mistakes."

Hearing this, Jacob nodded, and a relieved smile spread across his lips.

This was the first piece of good news that he had heard during today's tedious meeting.

"Is there anything happening on Darren's side?" Jacob asked casually, but his eyes were fixed on Sam, eagerly waiting for an answer.

Sam knew what he was thinking, but he could not report much on this as Darren had not been doing anything recently.

He replied with hesitation, "Maybe they will have other plans soon."

"No matter what plans they concoct, I want to be kept in the loop, do you understand?" Jacob snapped, his eyes cold as ice.

Jonas had done such a horrendous thing to Emily and had even tried to hurt her. Jacob did not believe that such a person could just appear out of nowhere.

Sam's face darkened and replied, "I'll make sure of it. I'll keep an eye on them."

Jacob nodded slightly and said, "Don't let him find you out."

Sam pressed his lips together and nodded his agreement.

'It seems that

here was quite solemn.

Darren frowned, showing no intention of having an easy dialogue with Harlan.

Bonnie held her breath and silently walked over, thinking that she would not be noticed. She was wrong as a low and cold male voice asked, "Where have you been?"

Bonnie was stunned for a while and did not realize that Darren was talking to her until she looked straight into his cold eyes. He was addressing her, and apparently, he needed her answer immediately.

She felt a little uncomfortable for some reason, and she replied in a cautious tone, "I was sitting on the swing in the garden."

Darren did not comment on her answer. He just stared at her intensely and sternly demanded, "Come here."

Bonnie approached him in silence. Before she could get closer, Darren grabbed her wrist and pulled her to sit beside him. She gasped, pretty surprised by his forceful pull.

They were sitting so close to each other that Bonnie could feel his warm breath on her neck. She stiffened and desperately tried to keep herself calm.

"Danny, you⁠—" she started.

"Just sit beside me," Darren interrupted. His eyes looked determined.

Bonnie could sometimes be obtuse, but she was sure that she felt something wrong at the moment. Her instinct told her that Darren was in some sort of trouble.

'This is not how he usually is when he comes to the manor. Is there something wrong?'

Bonnie thought to herself while stealing glances at Darren's handsome face from the corner of her eyes.

"That's it. I'll talk to you about it further at the office tomorrow." Darren rubbed the bridge of his nose in impatience as he spoke to Harlan in a cold and hard tone.

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