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   Chapter 1494 Go To Work Together

The Spoiled Girl By Lan Ke Ke Characters: 7536

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A week later, in MK Manor, Hunk was sitting on the sofa with Amy in his arms.

He was reading her some fairy tales, deeply amused by her silly words and adorable reactions.

"Grandpa, why did Snow White eat the poisoned apple?"

Amy's little voice tugged on Hunk's heartstrings and made him feel inexplicably happy, especially now that he knew that she was his granddaughter.

Louis, who was sitting next to them, was reading today's financial newspaper. Seeing that they were reading a fairy tale book, he could not help saying, "Father, I really have to take Amy to school today."

Hunk waved his hand indifferently and said, "It doesn't matter. Amy is very smart. It won't matter much if she absents herself from school for two days. We can actually just hire a private tutor to teach her at home."

Louis sighed and scratched his head.

Ever since Hunk had found out that Amy was his granddaughter a week ago, he had asked her to move to MK Manor. He wanted Amy to stay with him so that he would be able to forge and deepen a grandfather-granddaughter relationship with her. He had been inseparable from the little girl ever since she arrived.

Louis had no choice but to do whatever this stubborn old man ordered.

"Okay, but Father, Taylor hasn't seen Amy for a while," he said.

Upon hearing Taylor's name, Amy sat up straight and chirped, "Grandpa, can my mommy come over and visit some time?"

Smiling, Hunk pinched Amy's nose and answered, "Of course, my dear. She is your mother. She will always be welcome here."

Louis whipped his head toward Hunk and frowned. He narrowed his eyes and asked, "What do you mean, Father?"

Keeping his eyes on Amy, Hunk told Louis, "Invite her over tonight. Our family should have a family reunion dinner."

Louis was stunned for a moment. It took almost half a minute before he came back to his senses and responded with a smile. "All right, Father."

It seemed that little Amy had done him a big favor and persuaded Hunk to accept and welcome Taylor.

The next morning, a black Maybach slowly pulled over at the gate of the charity foundation.

As Taylor unfastened her seat belt, she smiled at Louis, who was sitting on the driver's seat. She told him, "You really didn't have t

elax." Taylor soothed Emily carefully and gently, massaging her temples to help her relax and ease her out of her panic attack.

About more than ten minutes later, Emily was able to finally calm down. However, her face was still pale, and her body was still trembling slightly.

"Okay, I will calm down and not think too much." Emily tried her best to calm herself down, taking deep breaths to soothe her mood.

After a long time, she finally completely calmed down. She smiled bitterly at Taylor and told her, "Thank you, Taylor. I almost fell into one of those manic episodes just now."

"It's okay. Just take it easy," Taylor replied while pouring her a glass of water.

Emily nodded in agreement.

The whole day passed quickly. Soon, it was time to get off work.

Before Taylor could say goodbye to Emily, she was pulled into the car by Louis, who was trying really hard to hide his joy and excitement.

Emily smiled and waved at them. She was still waiting for Jacob to pick her up.

"Are you on your way home?" a man's voice asked from behind.

Emily turned around and saw Jonas looking at her with a gentle smile. As always, there was nothing unusual about him.

But for some reason, Emily felt a little nauseated, even repulsed by the man's presence. She did not know why she felt this way. She just politely nodded and said, "Dr. Lin."

Jonas's eyes darkened, but his face betrayed his emotion. He said in a gentlemanly manner, "I can give you a ride home if you want."

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