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   Chapter 1488 Take Care Of Amy

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"Don't you remember what happened?" Jacob asked again while looking at the screen.

Emily found it a little inconceivable that she could not remember what had happened.

Emily and Taylor shook their heads at the same time. Indeed, neither of them could remember what had happened.

"Think about it carefully," Louis said coldly from behind Jacob.

The hard expression on Louis's face reflected how much the matter angered him.

Fortunately, nothing serious had happened to Taylor. Otherwise, Louis would have never let go of the one who had hurt her, no matter who he was.

When Jacob saw all this, he had a feeling that Jonas was behind all of it.

'Could it be him?' Jacob thought to himself.

He kept his face neutral as he thought, but he would find out what had happened today soon enough.

Taylor's face suddenly lit up. Had she not been a psychologist, the idea would not have crossed her mind.

"Hypnosis! There's a kind of hypnosis that can make people forget something in an instant," Taylor said after thinking for a minute.

What Taylor had said made Jacob more certain about his suspicion. Jonas was the culprit.

The look on Jacob's face grew even colder. 'Nobody can do this but you, Jonas. Only you, ' he thought.

Jacob turned his gaze to Taylor. Taylor bit her lip. It was true that only Jonas could perform that kind of hypnosis.

"It must be him. I have a feeling," Jacob muttered.

What Jacob said made them all, especially Emily, nervous. She stood straight after realizing that it was Jonas who had hypnotized her and Taylor. Fortunately, Jacob was by her side.

"Can we prove that he did it?" Louis asked carefully.

Taylor did not want to talk to Louis, but she had to under the current situation.

"Yes, but it's a little troublesome."

"It doesn't matter. Let's recreate what he has done now."

Taylor shook her head. Both she and Emily were already exhausted, so the method might not work properly.

After thinking for a moment, she said, "We'll do it another time. I'm too tired already, and I'm sure Emily is, too

Louis, "Fine. You can watch over Amy. I'll send you her meal plan later."

"All right."

Amy was very happy to be with Louis. Because she was still a little kid, she did not understand the conflicts between adults. When she was taken away by Louis, she did not understand the complicated expression on her mother's face.

However, Taylor, who had already started walking away, suddenly turned around and strode back towards them in an attempt to catch up with them. Hearing the noise, Amy and Louis turned to look at Taylor at the same time. Both of their blue eyes were filled with confusion seeing Taylor chasing after them.

Taking a shallow breath, Taylor schooled her features into neutrality and said, "Behave well during your stay with Uncle Louis, okay? I will pick you up as soon as I finish my work. If you want anything, you tell me first⁠—"

"Amy is a good girl. Don't worry. She can ask me for anything she wants. I can afford it," Louis interrupted Taylor.

Louis stared deeply into Taylor's eyes as he spoke. There seemed to be a hint of expectation in his blue eyes, as if he wanted her to say a few more words to him in private.

However, Taylor did not do as he expected. She crouched down, whispered something in Amy's ear, and then left quickly.

When Taylor's figure was completely out of his sight, Louis asked Amy, "What did your mother tell you?"

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