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   Chapter 1477 Explanation

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At that moment, the old, go-getter Jacob was back to life once again. He loosened his grip on Emily a little so that she could sit a bit more comfortably. Then, he tried to feel out if she still felt any animosity towards him. He knew it was better to be careful and wait for her to calm down before talking to her.

"Honey, I'm really sorry. I didn't mean to lie to you," Jacob firstly admitted his mistake before saying anything else. He thought it was a good way to appease Emily. After that, he stared longingly into her eyes and softly uttered, "It's just that I miss you so much and I wanted to be with you. This was the only thing I could think of."

Emily knew in her heart that she had given Jacob the cold shoulder the past few days since she still had doubts about what had really happened between him and Jonas. However, she couldn't choose who to believe and had avoided making that decision until today.

Since Jacob acknowledged that he was wrong, Emily took that opportunity to find out how he really felt. "Do you think I'm being unfair to you?" she asked.

"Of course." Jacob gave a straightforward response. But as soon as he replied, he saw the look on her face and quickly shook his head. He then added, "No, no, no. Please don't misunderstand. Even though I said yes, it doesn't mean that I'm upset with you or anything."

"So you're not mad at all?" Emily asked while she lifted her head up so that she could clearly see the eyes of the man holding her. "So you admit that you did something wrong today, right?"

"Yes," Jacob quickly replied while subconsciously nodding his head in agreement. However, he suddenly felt that there was a trap right in front of him, like a big hole in the ground just waiting for him to jump in. With that thought, he changed his mind and shook his head. "Actually, no..."

Emily couldn't help but laugh at her husband when she saw the confused and helpless look on his face. He was acting like a student who had just been asked a very difficult question.

"What are you laughing at?" Jacob didn't hesitate to ask since he was still struggling over whether to answer yes or no. The smile on Emily's face only worsened the confusion he felt at that moment. He couldn't handle it anymore and finally asked, "Did I do something wrong or not? Please tell me already."

Emily cleared her throat and put on a blank expression on her face. She pulled away from Jacob's arms then said, "Can you really not figure out if you've done something wrong?"

Jacob was so perp

. He feared that Emily would continue to have thoughts of him being with other women. But he was hesitant to open his mouth again since it might just make matters worse.

"I trust you," Emily sat up straight and said to Jacob with a sincere look on her face. After doing so, she added, "I believe what you said about what happened in the bar that night."

"Really?" Jacob asked with a look of pleasant surprise on his face. The moment he heard her words, he felt like a heavy load had been lifted off his shoulders. He was still in disbelief so he had to ask, "Honey, do you really believe me?"

"Yes, I do, dear." Emily knew when to stop messing with her husband. She nodded with a smile. "After all, you have such a beautiful wife at home. I'm sure you have no need to flirt with other women, right?"

"Yes, yes! That's right!" Jacob blissfully agreed with a joyous smile on his face.

Now that the problems looming in their hearts had been cleared up, the two of them smiled happily like they were a newly married couple. But suddenly, Jacob couldn't help saying something that would ruin everything.

"I have such a beautiful wife, so I know how to stay away from women. What about you?" He had a serious expression on his face while he spoke. In fact, he sounded a bit condescending. "You also have such an excellent and handsome husband, but the only thing you do these days is take care of other men."

Emily was stunned and the lovely smile on her face disappeared. She hadn't expected that the man in front of her would talk to her like this. He spoke so righteously, as if taking care of a friend in the hospital was one of the most horrible things she had done.

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