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   Chapter 1473 Visit The Patient

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"We're innocent, Mr. Gu. We were only defending ourselves. Jonas hit us out of nowhere. We even have bruises as proof." One of Jacob's men did his best to explain what happened, but he was so nervous when he spoke that it was a little difficult to understand.

When they had received the order to tail Jonas, they had been told that he was just a doctor. However, they hadn't expected a doctor to be so aggressive that he would start a fight without even saying a single word.

Jacob checked on their injuries and determined that they were telling the truth.

At that point, everything Emily knew about Jonas was not as it seemed. Jacob narrowed his eyes and stared blankly at a corner of his office. He was trying to figure out what was truly going on.

"I need you to tell me everything that happened last night, from start to finish." Jacob had no choice but to ask his two men for details. Ever since Jonas arrived in their lives, Jacob couldn't think of a single reason as to why this random doctor had approached his wife.

The fact that Emily was upset with him again and the fact that his men were injured lit a fire inside of Jacob.

Especially since, once again, it was all Jonas' fault. Jacob's expression clearly showed the hatred he felt for that man. He clenched his fists with all his might in irritation. As a result, his hands turned completely red.

"When we got off work, we followed Jonas as planned. We were sure that we were hidden but he suddenly came straight to us and threw a punch for no reason. Jonas is an experienced fighter. If only one of us had been there, I'm sure we would have been the one in the hospital right now." Both men told their story the most accurate way they could. They didn't dare to leave out any detail since Jacob was already extremely upset at that moment.

They just hoped that Jacob would believe them and put all the blame on Jonas.

After hearing their stories, a faint smile made its way onto Sam's face. He was a little bit amused and found Jonas to be a somewhat interesting man. He was definitely not who he seemed to be. Jacob then said, "All right, I believe your words. Sam, don't punish these two. They are also victims in this matter. They were beaten up for no reason, so just let them rest for today." Still feeling amused, Sam saw the pitiful state of the two men and had quite a difficult time trying not to laugh at them.

They had seemed so tough and confident about being a

Emily of a mummy.

Jonas tried his best to smile but he still came across as somewhat pitiful. Emily was a little hesitant at that moment because she knew that her own husband was the one who had caused this. Jacob was the only one who had the motive to do so.

Emily recalled the past few days before this incident happened. Jacob had been completely hostile to Jonas since the first time they had met. They had even had a big fight since he had conducted a background check on Jonas behind her back. After everything that had happened, the idea of Jacob sending people to beat him up wasn't that far-fetched.

"Emily, what are you thinking about? You seem like your mind is racing off somewhere." Even though Jonas could only stay still, he still noticed that Emily was feeling somewhat uneasy. Naturally, he had to ask why.

Upon hearing his question, Emily suddenly came back to her senses. It was not until then that she realized that she had been so distracted to the point that she had forgotten that Jonas was beside her.

"Jonas, I have to tell you something. I think I know who did this to you," Emily shamefully stated.

After struggling with her morality for a long time, Emily thought that it was the right thing to confess. After all, Jonas was the victim and had the right to know the truth.

Emily wanted to clear her conscience. She knew that if she were to come clean, Jacob would inevitably be in serious trouble.

However, she also believed that as an adult, Jacob should bear the consequences for everything he had done. He should have known that actions like this would inescapably bite back someday.

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