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   Chapter 1472 Stop Pretending

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Seeing the look on Jacob's face, no one dared to speak up. They were supposed to talk among themselves at that moment but none of them could even utter a single word. All they could do was look at each other's eyes to hopefully find an answer. However, none of them knew what to do.

They wondered if they should even continue their reports. All of the employees present at the meeting were utterly terrified of being scolded by Jacob. They all hoped that someone would just propose to end the meeting so that they would be spared from his wrath. At the same time, Jacob's frightening display of anger petrified them all in their seats.

"I hired all of you to produce meaningful results, not to pay people to leech off my company! If you want to keep your jobs, I highly urge you to work harder, or else.

This meeting is over! Everyone, get out!" Jacob exclaimed in a distressed voice.

The moment he finished speaking, every employee inside that conference room ran outside like their lives were in danger.

Sam remained by Jacob's side, noticing that his boss' temper was a bit bizarre that day. Since he had worked for Jacob for so long, Sam naturally had the ability to observe the changes in his demeanor.

"Mr. Gu, is there something bothering you? Why are you so upset this early in the morning? Did someone cause you trouble?" Sam asked with a genuine concern for Jacob's welfare.

Normally, Jacob could always control his temper whenever something bad happened. In all these years that Sam had been working for Jacob, he had never seen him this agitated.

Jacob was so distressed that he was gritting his teeth together. He didn't even pay attention to Sam's question. "Send someone to keep an eye on Jonas. If anything happens, report it to me immediately."

Jacob had a feeling in his gut that Jonas was bound to slip up sometime soon.

Furthermore, if he were to find out about the doctor's dirty secrets, there was no doubt that he would use that to his advantage.

Sam could tell that Jacob's mind was somewhere else at that moment, and he knew it was useless to try and say anything else.

Judging by Jacob's face, it was clear that what had made him upset was still vividly bothering him inside his head. Sam didn't want to take the risk of lighting his boss' fuse once again.

'It's probably better if I just do what he says right now. Meddling with this man's affairs when he gets furious like this is like playing with fire, ' he earnestly thought to himself.

With that thought, he went straight downstairs to find some people who were qualified to fulfill Jacob's

dn't hide it anymore.

She couldn't believe that Jacob would do such a thing. She had always known that her husband was prone to jealousy and even a bit of paranoia, but now, it seemed that he was absolutely crazy.

"Emily, don't blame me for this. I have no idea what you're talking about!" Jacob quickly denied her allegations.

In fact, he was a little stunned. Receiving a call from his wife and getting yelled at for something he was completely oblivious to surprised him.

But when he heard that something bad had happened to Jonas, he couldn't help but grin in satisfaction. It seemed that this was fated retribution. Ever since that doctor introduced himself to Emily, he has caused nothing but trouble for Jacob. And now, he was suffering in the hospital.

In spite of that, Jacob had some thinking to do. 'Does Jonas have any other enemy besides me?' he wondered.

"Stop lying to me. Who else could possibly want him in the hospital besides you?" Emily frantically asked.

Although Jacob denied having any involvement in the matter, Emily chose not to believe him.

After hanging up the phone, Jacob was left a little dumbfounded. He called Sam over and asked him to find out what was going on.

Sam went to investigate immediately after seeing how serious the expression on Jacob's face was. He called the people who were sent to monitor Jonas and told them to report to Jacob's office.

"What's going on? Who gave you the order to hit Jonas? Didn't I tell you to just watch him carefully? Why in the world did you hit him?" Jacob had no place to vent his frustrations since Emily didn't want to speak with him on the phone anymore. Unfortunately for his men, they were on the receiving end of Jacob's wrath.

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