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   Chapter 1471 Exasperated

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Emily didn't understand how Jacob could be so hard-headed about this kind of thing. Jonas was her friend, no matter who he was. Shouldn't friends trust each other no matter what?

His identity shouldn't matter to anyone. The only important thing was that he was a friend of Emily's.

However, Jacob just couldn't fathom that idea at all.

"You talk to me in that manner, again and again, all because of this Jonas person. Is he really more important than me, your husband? The person you love?" Due to his intoxicated state, Jacob was able to get rid of his filter and finally spoke out the things he wanted to say to her.

Every time that Emily defended Jonas, Jacob couldn't help but get jealous and think crazy thoughts. It would invade his mind and make him restless for days.

However, Emily always made it seem like it wasn't a big deal. She turned a blind eye to his discomfort about their friendship. She would mention Jonas again and again, as if they had a special relationship or something. It frustrated Jacob to no end.

"You always think too much. Jonas and I are just friends, I told you that. What else do you want me to do? Right now, you are acting very childish about this whole thing!" Hating the fact that she was being accused of being less than loyal, Emily shouted at Jacob.

She was aware that the two didn't get along well with each other. Jacob really didn't like Jonas.

For some reason, whenever she mentioned Jonas, Jacob would become angry. It was as if he turned into a completely different person that she just couldn't communicate with.

Today was definitely no exception. She was also tired and had lost her patience, so she decided to walk away. Quietly, she marched to the bed to get some rest and left a sulking Jacob behind.

The two of them gave each other the silent treatment again. Neither one of them wanted to talk to the other first.

On the early morning of the next day, Jacob returned to the same bar and ran into the same woman from the night before.

His presence was well-received. For a moment, the woman was shocked to see him, but she eventually walked up to him with an alluring smile.

"Hello again. Did you have a great time last night? Would you like to have another drink now?" She was thrilled to see Jacob again.

Last night, she had attempted to seduce him several times but he hadn't given in. So, to see him come back was quite a shock.

She thought to herself that with her beauty and charm, there was no way that men wouldn't be seduced eventually.

"Did you mess with my phone last night? Do

ul expression. Her eyes looked blankly into the distance.

"You better remember this. Nobody can stop me from doing what I want to do."

After he finished talking, Jacob smirked mockingly and walked past the woman, who was still in shock just like everyone else in that bar.

Once he was out of the bar, Jacob suddenly remembered that there was an important meeting in the company that he had to attend to, so he hurried back to the building.

In the meeting room, the supervisors reported to him about their recent work one by one, but Jacob wasn't really paying attention to what they were saying at all. He just felt irritable. The noisy environment around him made his mood even worse and he was on the verge of losing his temper completely.

"What is this? Is this what you consider a decent report? Take it out of my sight and redo it at once!" Jacob snapped as he carelessly threw the document to the ground.

Everyone in the meeting room looked at each other in shock but kept their mouths shut. They were afraid of making Jacob's bad temper worse.

"Mr. Gu, these reports were made according to your instructions," said the one who had been scolded in a defensive manner.

"Are you serious? You're telling me that this is how I instructed you to do it? My goodness, even a 10-year-old kid can do better than this! You should feel ashamed of yourself!" Jacob shouted angrily and pounded the table.

The employees in the company were getting on his nerves. He pulled his tie loose in an irritated manner. 'If they can't even do such a simple task well, then why bother coming to work? Why don't they all just go home and quit wasting my time?' Jacob thought to himself with a stone-cold expression.

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