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   Chapter 1450 I Care!

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Once Taylor found out that it was just Louis who had picked Amy up, her feelings of panic started to subside. She could see that the teacher was also in distress, but she wanted to confirm Amy's location first, so she took her phone out from her bag. It was only then that she saw that Louis had tried calling her several times. She let out a sigh of relief and called him.

"Hello...". . . . . Louis had barely gotten the first word out before he was interrupted by Taylor.

"Where did you take Amy?"

"We're at the new children's themed restaurant downtown." When he saw Amy playing happily with the other children in the children's park, his face softened.

"Send me the address. I'll be there soon." The knot in Taylor's stomach finally untied itself when she hung up the call.

"I'm sorry. I didn't realize it sooner. My friend was the one who picked Amy up. I'm sorry for the trouble and for making you worry," Taylor finally explained to the teacher. After that, she grabbed a taxi and left to find Louis and Amy.

Half an hour later, she arrived at the children's themed restaurant that Louis had mentioned. When she entered the restaurant, she saw him sitting at one of the tables. She also noticed that there were many dishes placed on the table, all of which were Amy's favorite.

Several mothers who had come only with their children didn't miss the opportunity to try and flirt with Louis, and this didn't go unnoticed by Taylor.

Louis was such a dazzling and good-looking man. How could she ever deserve someone like him?

"Louis, do you know how worried I was?" Taylor stomped over to him, enraged. When she noticed him smiling nonchalantly as if he hadn't done anything, she got even angrier.

"Don't be so angry," Louis said casually. . . . . . He didn't look flustered even after seeing how furious Taylor was. Instead, he gently took the bag from her hand and then moved the chair beside him. He acted as if he wasn't being scolded.

His calmness made Taylor feel like she was the one who was overreacting.

"Amy is my child. I raised her all by myself. Do you even have any idea how much she means to me? How could you take her away from me without properly asking for permission? If anything happened to her, I don't know what I would do. What did you expect me to do?" Taylor vented her feelings loudly without caring about where she was. Her eyes went red and started tearing up. All the people around them st

ylor was going to tell him. "Look, I already know what you're going to say. However, even if you say it again, it won't mean anything to me."

Taylor shook her head and said, "You have no idea how different we are from each other. You don't understand how difficult life was for me. I've gone through so much. I just want you to stay away from my private life. I don't want a shameless person to pester me all the time.". . . . .

"Shameless? Is that what you think of me?" Louis cut off Taylor when he heard her say the word. His heart dropped to his stomach. All of a sudden, he felt like he couldn't breathe properly.

"Yes, you are a shameless person." If she wanted Louis to leave her alone, she knew that she would have to say all these things even if it hurt him. "You are just my patient's brother. Nothing more, nothing less. I hope that clarifies where you stand in my life and I hope you understand. Do not bother me anymore."

She knew how hurtful she was being, but she also knew she had to do it.

"No, I refuse to agree to that. I told you before that I don't care about your past. I only care about why you're always hiding from me!". . Louis' expression darkened, and his aura suddenly changed.

"You may not care about it, but I do. If you really want to know why I hide from you, then I'll tell you!" Upon seeing his charming face, she suddenly felt upset again. "I hide from you because I care about my past. Do you understand that? Why can't you just let me go and leave me alone? Don't make me revisit the past. Did you ever stop to think about how I feel every time you mention or ask about the past?"

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