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   Chapter 1449 Scare

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In the quiet room, Taylor, who was perched on a sofa, carefully observed the person lying in the other sofa in front of her. She frowned and couldn't help but feel concerned.

"We're finished with today's treatment. Let's schedule the day of the next appointment some other time," Taylor told Louis, who was standing by the door. She started to organize the documents, making sure that they were neatly stored.

Due to Scott's current condition, it would be best for them to perform the treatment slowly. They couldn't let it overwhelm him. They needed to conduct the treatment step by step. The treatment plan would have to be slightly adjusted later.

Louis gave a quick nod and said, "It's already noon. I've asked my assistant to order lunch for us. Can you stay and eat with me?"

Louis was a tall guy. His height allowed him to reach the top of the door frame using his hand with ease. He had the aura of a modest gentleman when he was dressed in a customized suit.

He put his hands in the pockets of his suit and looked at Taylor to see what she was doing. His eyes were hopeful as if he was a child who was eager to get some candy.

What Taylor had experienced was enough for her to decide that there would be no future between them. She couldn't lead him on. He would only be disappointed in the end if she did that. Deep in her heart, she just knew that they wouldn't end well.

"No, sorry. I have an appointment at noon." After she packed everything up, she turned around and started to walk out.

Louis's expression suddenly darkened. He reached out his hand and grabbed the woman before she could get far. "How about tomorrow then?"

Her arm started to hurt from being grabbed so tightly. She wanted to break free from his grasp, but every time she struggled, he would just grip her arm even more tightly.

"Can you let go of my arm first?" Taylor asked with a glare. Her bright, red lips were pursed angrily at him.

With a blink, Louis suddenly realized that he had just lost his composure. Upon realizing it, he immediately let her go. "I'm so sorry, Taylor," he quickly said.

Taylor ignored him and said, "I can't join you anywhere tomorrow. I'm very busy these days." Then, she started to walk towards the elevator and didn't bother to look back.

His actions had ruined her mood and annoyed her.

"Hey, I have to apologize to you. Please don't be angry!" Louis quickly ran after her. Even though he was the CEO of a company, he was making an apology in such a

"Recently, I got a little busy. But I have some time to spare today. What do you say we go out for a meal?" Louis said gently and caressed the little girl's hair.

"Teacher, is it okay if I take her away now?" he asked, but his tone sounded like it was an order, which meant that it could not be refused.

The teacher nodded, as she saw how close Amy was to the handsome man in front of her.

"Thank you very much."

Today, Taylor's patient was a little special, so the treatment took a little longer than usual. It also meant that she was a little late in picking Amy up. When she finally arrived at the school, she was shocked.

"What?! Amy was picked up by someone else?" Taylor suddenly raised her voice, and a wave of panic started to rush over her. Amy was the sole person that she could rely on. She couldn't imagine how her life would become without Amy.

"Don't worry," The teacher said calmly in an effort to comfort her. "The man who came to pick her up didn't look sketchy or anything. She called him 'Uncle Louis' and they seemed very close. That's why I allowed Amy to leave with him,"

the teacher explained to Taylor. Her voice was calm, but she was clenching her hands. Seeing that Amy's mother looked extremely nervous, she couldn't help but feel regret that she had let the man pick Amy up without proper confirmation.

"Wait, did you just say she called him 'Uncle Louis'?"

"Yes. I was under the impression that you asked him to pick her up, because he called you in front of me. I'm so sorry. I'm sorry.". . . . . The teacher looked frightened. Her eyes started to turn red and it seemed like she was about to burst into tears.

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