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   Chapter 1446 A New Proposal

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The warm breeze of spring slowly melted away the winter snow. The winter had been filled with nothing but coldness for a certain individual.

The KING Group had gone through a troublesome winter. But now was the time to change all of that. However, the group's prospects were not as lively as the spring.

Right after the Spring Festival, the first thing Darren set out to do when he came back to the company was to hold a meeting, because he needed a report of the company's performance for the last quarter so that he could know where to focus his efforts. And at the same time, he had an important announcement to make. On the day of the meeting, the conference room was almost full of people. Everyone was happily conversing about their holidays.

When Darren walked into the meeting room, all the senior executives and shareholders quickly sat down on their respective chairs.

"Mr. Xu..." The lively atmosphere suddenly dissipated and the room finally settled down. No one dared to say a word. It was so quiet that if one were to breathe heavily, he would be heard in the room.

Darren raised his head when his name was called. Then, he glanced over everyone's face. The senior executives and shareholders present who had just had smiles on their faces suddenly became serious.

"Well, now that everyone is here, let's start the meeting, shall we?" Darren slowly walked to the seat at the head of the table and continued, "The last year has passed. How was the Spring Festival for everyone?"

His sudden pleasantries surprised everyone. Some of them felt like they could finally breathe again, and some even laughed, albeit nervously.

"It seems that everyone had a good time. I wish all of you a wonderful new year," Darren said without a sign of disdain on his face or tone. It was a pleasant surprise to everyone there. Suddenly, his tone changed to a serious one when he said, "But now that the Spring Festival has passed, our KING Group is facing a brutal undertaking, as if it has to go through another cold winter."

Darren's statement sent shivers down all of the senior executives and shareholders' backs. The smile on their faces gradually froze.

It was true, a lot of the shareholders and senior executives present knew that the company was facing a huge obstacle. At the thought of this, everyone's amiable mood was completely gone. Everyone sat straight and had serious expressions on their faces.

Darren then said, "If we can't come up with a solution, I think the company will inevitably face a horrific storm. Everyone should be mentally prepared. I'm serious." Darren emphasized each word he uttered.

And everyone there became more serious. Some of them even had cold sweat on their foreheads. Everyone knew that the more peril the group faced, the more dangerous it would be for them, especially for the shareholders, since they had invested a lot of money into the company.

Moreover, th

ryone at that point that the purpose of this meeting was to determine the future of the KING Group. In the past, the KING Group had been a comprehensive industrial company. And it had even gone so far as to make the materials it needed by itself.

One of the senior executives solemnly uttered, "Mr. Xu, the group is already involved in the food industry. There's no need to completely transform it to a food company. In this way, we don't need to give up the foundation that we've worked hard for. Moreover, we won't lose those clients from our current affairs." His words rang true to everyone. A lot of the executives in there understood his objections, and some even sided with him.

Darren didn't bother to answer. He wanted to continue, so he gave Harlan a hint with his eyes to continue playing the presentation.

Even if the presentation contained logical reasons, the senior executives and shareholders only captured one important point. "The employees of the group who are not qualified enough will be fired. At the same time, we will seek out and recruit people who have more outstanding talents in relevant fields."

This meant that all the employees and even some senior executives in the company were going to be replaced.

The announcements of today's meeting was a shocking revelation one after another. The senior executives and shareholders quickly raised their opinions and objections.

Darren, who had remained silent for quite a long time, finally opened his mouth. "A multi-industry company requires a huge investment. If it fails, the loss of money and impact would be huge. Therefore, our company cannot bear any form of risk going forward. Our only choice is to transform into a single-industry company."

As soon as Darren finished his words, all the shareholders and senior executives, who had been riled up by Darren's decision, quickly shut their mouths. His profound reasoning made everyone completely speechless.

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