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   Chapter 1445 Being Together Again

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"Come on, let's go inside." Seeing that Estelle seemed to be looking a little pensive, Ethan couldn't help but feel worried. "What's wrong?" he asked softly.

She shook her head at him. "It's nothing. Let's just go inside." Estelle looked up slightly and tried to fight back her tears. She wanted to assure Ethan that she was fine, so she acted as if nothing had happened.

They opened the door and went inside the house to grab shovels. After they found some, they went to the backyard.

"Here it is," Estelle murmured. She stopped near a swing and pointed at the ground under it.

The two of them got to work immediately and started to dig out the soil. It took them a long time but eventually, they dug out a box.

The box was made of wood, and it had a lock that looked like it had rusted over time. Ethan found a tool and broke the lock without difficulty.

He opened the box excitedly and found a dress, a jade pendant, and a black bow hairpin inside.

As he stared at the objects in front of him, Ethan realized that Estelle was indeed the girl he had been looking for. With the pendant and hairpin in his hands, he suddenly came at Estelle with a hug.

"I have finally found you," he said in a choked voice. He held her tightly in his arms with no desire to let go.

He considered himself a tough gentleman. It wasn't as if he was an emotional person. However, he couldn't help but tear up a little because of his excitement.

The little girl in his memories had had a very serious illness in the past. Bill had cast her away because he had thought that she was useless. After that, Ethan had always thought that the little girl might have passed away from her illness but he hadn't been able to confirm it. He hadn't expected that the little girl would really turn out to be Estelle, who was alive and well in his arms.

Estelle was shocked and didn't know what to do. She hadn't expected that Ethan would be so emotional about it.

If the little girl that Ethan had been searching for was truly her, then her decision to break up with him had been just a waste of both time and energy. All this time, she had just been jealous of herself.

Thinking of this, she couldn't help but feel several emotions about it.

She had always assumed that Ethan was just using her as a substitute for somebody else. She hadn't expected that she was the one that Ethan had been looking for all this time.

Once Ethan calmed down a bit, he felt a little embarrassed of his actions. However, he still didn't loosen his embrace and held onto Estelle more tightly.


"Okay, I admit it's stupid, but at that time, I let myself be influenced by other people's words. When I found out that you were searching for another girl, I assumed that you just saw me as a substitute for that girl…"

Estelle shrugged as she explained in a low voice.

Ethan lightly pinched her chin. He couldn't help but feel bad. 'Why didn't you just trust me?' he thought.

Turning her around so that they were facing each other, Ethan looked at her seriously in the eyes. "Okay, listen. I don't deny that I was with you at first because you reminded me of that little girl in my memory. However, I soon got to know you and realized that you were so easy to get along with. I found myself falling in love with you not because you look like someone else but because of your personality. You're not afraid to show me your most real self. I like you and I love you. Do you understand that?" he explained to her.

Hearing his heartfelt confession, she felt like she was floating. 'Is he really confessing to me?' she thought to herself in bewilderment.

Staring into Ethan's eyes, she couldn't believe that the man in front of her had really fallen in love with her.

Before, she had doubted him. But now, she pursed her lips and welcomed him in an embrace.

"I know that. Don't worry. I will make sure to never doubt you again in the future."

Ethan couldn't help but breathe out a sigh of relief as she said that.

After so many hardships, the two of them finally untied the knot in their hearts and reunited with each other.

That was the beauty of true love. No matter where it was, no matter how late it came or how bumpy the road was getting there, it couldn't be broken in the end.

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