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   Chapter 1443 I'm Her Boyfriend

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It was difficult for Estelle's father to speak because of the oxygen mask that he was wearing. His voice was groggy since he had just woken up, but Estelle still understood his words perfectly.

She didn't know what to say. She had been waiting for so long for him to wake up, and now that he had, she was overwhelmed with joy. Tears of excitement fell from the corners of her eyes.

"You're awake! I am going to give Mr. Gu a call right now!" the nurse exclaimed out of joy and excitement when she came to check out the noise she had heard.

As soon as she came to the room, her eyes immediately landed on the man lying in bed. His eyes were open and he was mumbling words in a low tone.

After saying that, the nurse walked out quickly without even waiting for Estelle's response.

It was not until the nurse went out that Estelle managed to calm down.

This reunion with her father had been a difficult journey for both of them. She felt like she had a lot to say to him, but she didn't exactly know where to begin.

Recently, their lives had been quite eventful. Estelle had no idea how her father would take all the news once he heard them.

The words were there, but it felt as if they were stuck in her throat.

Upon seeing the distressed expression on Estelle's face, her father, Philo, knew what she was worried about, so he gently patted her hand as a gesture of comfort.

"You don't have to tell me anything. I already know. My eyes may have been closed, but I was still conscious. I know everything that happened," he told her.

When he thought of Sybil's actions and attitude during his coma, he couldn't help but feel disdain towards her. He had hoped that even if Sybil was a little rude to Estelle, she wouldn't go too far out of respect for him. He was wrong. He had underestimated how vicious she was.

If he hadn't been conscious, he wouldn't have figured out that Sybil was so good at acting.

Whenever she was in front of him, she was a completely different person. He had no idea how much torture Sybil had put Estelle through all these years.

Thinking of this, he felt sorry for Estelle. At the same time, he was also angry at himself because he had ignored her. If only he had been more attentive to Sybil's actions, perhaps Estelle wouldn't have suffered so much.

Perhaps marrying Sybil had been the wrong move. If he hadn't married her, she wouldn't have caused them so much trouble.


Worried that her father couldn't handle it, Estelle looked at him with concern.

"Don't worry. It's all right. I can

he room.

Philo could easily read the intentions of those around him, especially the ones of young people. He believed that Ethan would treat his daughter very well.

As he thought of this, he started to feel a little tired. After all, he had just woken up from his coma. After talking so much with Ethan and Estelle, he couldn't help but feel worn out. Hence, he closed his eyes to rest for a bit while waiting for Estelle to come back.

After pulling Estelle out of the room, Ethan took her to the corner of the stairs.

"Why did you pull me outside?" Estelle asked in a low voice as Ethan loosened his grip on her. She took a step back, her stance defensive.

"Why do you think?" The corners of Ethan's mouth curved into a small smirk. He gave Estelle a playful smile and said, "My lovely girlfriend."

"Girlfriend? Have you forgotten? We broke up already," Estelle countered. Even though she said that with confidence, she could still feel a blush coming up to her cheeks.

"Oh really? Then why is your heart beating so fast right now? You're also blushing," Ethan said with a smug look on his face. He raised Estelle's chin with his fingers and looked at the rosy glow on her face.

Estelle was rendered speechless by his words and gestures.

She hadn't expected that Ethan could be so experienced at taking advantage of the situation.

The reason why she hadn't shot him down at the ward was that she didn't want to sound ungrateful. She had also felt like she would be selfish if she were to reject him.

Even though there had been no reassurance that her father would wake up, Ethan had still covered his medical fees.

When she thought of this, Estelle gave Ethan a thankful look.

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