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   Chapter 1442 New Year's Surprise

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After some time, Ethan finished placing the food that he had brought into the bowls. One was for Estelle, one was for himself, and the last one left on the bedside table was for Estelle's father. Ethan stood right beside him and said, "Uncle, happy New Year! I hope you like the food."

Seeing the sincerity of his actions, Estelle unconsciously raised her head to hold back the tears in her eyes. It seemed inappropriate to cry at this moment. It was the first day of the new year, after all.

After a few moments, she was able to calm herself down. Then, she walked over to grab a bowl of soup as if nothing had happened.

"Ethan, happy New Year. Thanks for bringing some food for us again."

"No need to thank me, Estelle. By the way, my mother also placed some coins inside the rice dumplings as tradition. Everyone at home ate the rice dumplings, but none of us got any coins. It seems that they are in this batch of dumplings. Someone here is about to be very lucky this year!"

Ethan lightheartedly replied while he took his own bowl of food from the table. He then briefly added, "Well, let's eat! The food won't taste good if it gets cold."

Being visited by Ethan all the time seemingly caused all of the negative emotions in Estelle's heart to fade away.

To everyone's surprise, the lucky coins were in Estelle's dumplings. Upon seeing how surprised and envious Ethan's eyes looked, a joyous smile appeared on her face.

After they finished their meal, Estelle and Ethan agreed to go downstairs and look at the sunrise. When they arrived outside, Estelle let out a heavy sigh and uttered, "It's hard to believe that it's already a new year."

"Yeah, time went by so fast," Ethan briefly responded. Then he took a deep breath and thought to himself, 'I guess a new game of cat and mouse is coming as well.'

In the meantime, Louis was in a rush to head back to the company. Since the holidays were over, he had to deal with his business once again. Moreover, he had to keep an eye on Scott.

Similarly, Jacob kept a close eye on Darren. He ordered his people to report to him about even the slightest of change in Darren's situation.

At the same time, Bonnie was reading random books in the study room of the manor.

She had no other option to entertain herself. The games she had on her phone was already too boring since she had played them so much. She had been to every inch of the manor and, worst of all, Darren didn't allow her to go out. So, books were the only things left to amuse her.

That evening, Darren came back home while Bonnie was trying to make a new dish she had just learned.

Upon seeing the light in the kitchen, Darren placed his coat down on a chair and walked over to see Bonnie in an apron.

Under the warm yellow light, the side of Bonnie's face looked gentle and charming.

Darren just stood there and watched her cooking. His legs even became numb from s


The nurse could only help Estelle by giving her words of comfort.

"Okay, I know. You can go to bed now. I'll take care of my father," Estelle replied with a faint smile and took the basin of water from the nurse.

Upon seeing this, the nurse simply agreed and turned around to leave. She then went to the cubicle to rest.

Estelle gently wiped her father's face and softly said, "Father, you've been asleep for so long now. Why aren't you waking up? Don't you want to see your daughter again?"

Her voice had a bit of anxiousness as well as a hint of restraint. Perhaps, it was because of her pride.

She lowered her head to rest for a bit, but as she did, her father's eyelids moved a little. It was quite an unfortunate timing.

A few days later, the Lantern Festival arrived. Estelle bought some small dumplings and ate them with the night shift nurse. She also placed some in a thermal cup so that she could have them for breakfast the next day.

As night fell, the city lights shined brightly like stars.

But Estelle was not in the mood to look out of the window. As usual, she cleaned her father's face with a damp cloth. After that, she leaned over to gently touch his face and whispered, "Father, please wake up already. I miss you so much."

A teardrop slowly fell from the corner of her eye onto her father's neck.

"Estelle..... Estelle, why are you crying? You don't need to cry. I'm here."

A hand slowly touched Estelle's face.

Estelle slowly opened her eyes to see if what she had just heard was true.

"Dad... Dad! Are you awake? Can you hear me?"

She still couldn't believe it. She had been looking forward to this moment for so long. Now that it was right in front of her, it seemed too good to be true. Had her father finally woken up? In a wave of confusion, a faint voice responded, "Yes, Estelle. Please don't cry anymore. I'm right here. From now on, I will always be here to protect you."

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