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   Chapter 1440 New Year's Day (Part 3)

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"You're lucky we have enough ingredients in the fridge and that I can somewhat cook. Just eat as much as you want, but don't complain if it isn't that tasty!" With her chopsticks, Bonnie picked up a single piece of stewed beef for Darren to taste. She approached him to feed him herself. The moment he reached out his head to take a bite, she grabbed the glass of red wine in his hand. Darren was a little surprised, but it seemed like a fair trade, so he didn't get mad.

He savored that single piece of meat like it was the most delicious thing in the world. At the same time, Bonnie poured his leftover red wine into her own glass. As soon as she took a sip, the alcohol caused her to tear up and cough.

"Stop drinking if you can't handle it! Why are women so stubborn?" Darren stretched his arm forward and reached out to take the wine glass from Bonnie. However, she was quick enough to dodge.

If someone else were to see their actions, it would definitely be considered flirtatious. Even the two of them felt the romance in the air that night. They were so close to each other's faces that they could feel each other's breaths.

Bonnie felt completely bashful, but she chose not to move away. She gritted her teeth and teased Darren. "The wine is already inside my tummy. What do you want me to do?"

Would you prefer it if I bring it back up?" Of course, that would be impossible. But Darren was intoxicated by the sweet fragrance of the wine mixed with Bonnie's perfume. They stared into each other eyes, feeling like a surge of electricity was running through their bodies. It was getting harder and harder for them to hide their flustered hearts from each other.

In a stroke of bad luck, Bonnie's phone rang out of the blue. The intimate air that surrounded them disappeared in a single second.

Darren immediately came back to his senses and pulled away from Bonnie. Meanwhile, Bonnie stood up to answer the phone. Her mood was seemingly dissatisfied, but when she heard her parents' voices on the other line, she blushed like a teenager on her first date.

"Mom, Dad! Happy New Year!" she subconsciously uttered. Her parents then responded, "Are you still working during the holiday? And did you have your dinner yet?" Her parents' worries were quite apparent in their voices. As usual, they were full of concern for their child.

It caused Bonnie to feel an extreme wave of emotions. I

d for her could be counted on a single hand, and the people that she loved couldn't even bother to look at her in the eyes.

New Year's Eve was a night to have fun, but only loneliness and sorrow filled Estelle's heart. Even in all this sadness, she still saw some hope. The fact that her father was still alive and breathing was enough of a fortune to comfort her.

At the hospital, the only sound a person could hear was the sound of machines at work.

Estelle held her father's hand tightly and placed it on her cheek. Even if his hand could not touch her face like before, she lovingly whispered, "Dad, I'm so grateful to be your daughter. Promise me you'll wake up. We'll make up for this year's celebration in the future. We still have a happy life to live, right?"

Unexpectedly, a feeling of warmth suddenly appeared in the cold night. When Estelle turned back to check what it was, she saw a smiling face enter the door.

"Hello there, Miss Wang. I'm wondering if I could have the honor of spending New Year's Eve with you?" Ethan asked her with a warm expression on his face. He entered Estelle's world like a ray of hope. Before she could burst into a smile herself, he said something to make her wonder.

"Come on, guess what's the most iconic food for a reunion on New Year?"

Ethan tried his best to be mysterious and jumped into the ward with his hands behind his back as if he was going to perform a magic trick.

Estelle shook her head in disbelief. She felt like she was in a dream, not because of what he had brought, but because his arrival itself was a wonderful surprise.

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