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   Chapter 1439 New Year's Day (Part 2)

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Updated: 2020-06-25 00:02

Louis cleverly placed the Baymax doll, which was taller than him, in front of the door. Once he was satisfied with the doll's position, he proceeded to ring the doorbell.

The action was a definite win for him, because when the door opened, he was immediately met with Amy's screams of joy and excitement. He waved the Baymax doll's hands and asked, "Amy, can I be your friend and have dinner with you this new year?"

Without a doubt, Louis knew that Amy would throw herself into the arms of the Baymax doll and hug it tightly.

A tiny girl such as Amy, who was only around 5 or 6 six years old, couldn't completely wrap her arms around the big Baymax doll, but she was still happy. She shouted, "Mom, look! It's Baymax. He can protect us!"

Louis picked Amy up along with the Baymax doll, and he was smart enough to know that he should step into the house first before putting them back on the ground. The child rolled happily on the ground with the doll in her arms. Even if Taylor kept yelling at her in the living room with a kitchen knife in her hand, Amy still enjoyed her time with Baymax.

"Amy, get up from the floor. It's cold and you might get sick. You're still a child. You shouldn't accept gifts from others just like that."

Before Taylor could get completely annoyed at them, Louis gave her a sweet innocent smile and said, "It's New Year's Day. The most important thing is to make the kid happy. Is it so wrong to let her have one more toy to keep her company? Besides, this is my New Year's gift to Amy. She has the right to accept it."

Upon hearing his statement, Amy jumped up from the ground happily. She quickly rushed to Louis and wrapped her arms around his thighs. "Uncle Louis, you are so kind to me. Can you stay and celebrate the New Year with me? It will be livelier if more people are celebrating with us here."

Upon hearing Amy's invitation, Louis couldn't help but feel overjoyed and quickly agreed. "I also bought tons of candies for you, Amy. All of them are your favorite. Let's take them into the house first, okay?"

The child's smile grew wider when she heard this. However, her excitement had definitely come down and she looked around shyly. She was afraid that her mother, who had been silent all this time, would scold her again. But looking at Amy who was so eager to accept the New Year gifts, Taylor couldn't bear to order her to reject the gifts again.

"Your uncle was kind enough

cause he didn't really know what else to say. Before he could explain, Bonnie had already insisted on talking about his actions on this supposedly special holiday.

"I haven't finished my work yet. I know it's New Year's Day, but I still follow basic professional ethics during the holidays," Darren explained. Even though Bonnie was quite unhappy, she couldn't find it in herself to stay mad at him.

She pouted at him. It was too late to take back what she had said and she didn't want to lose her dignity. "Since it's the New Year, I will cook us some food so that we can celebrate it."

She turned around slowly, just enough that she was able to sneak a quick glance at Darren's expression from the corner of her eyes. She always sensed that Darren was lonely. Under his handsome face, there were a thousand stories. She wanted to do something for him as soon as she could.

However, every time she gave into him, she would see that arrogant smirk at the corner of his mouth. His eyes always seemed to be looking at her with disdain. It made her feel as if there was a stabbing pain at the bottom of her heart.

A while later, Bonnie had prepared and served a full table of dishes so that they could celebrate. But Darren was only holding a glass of wine, already half-drunk.

"Honestly, I didn't expect that someone would prepare me a good dinner this New Year. It's been a long time since I've had company to drink my sorrows away on New Year's Day," Darren admitted. He suddenly raised his head and let out a desolated sigh. Bonnie didn't quite know what to feel as she watched him drown away his loneliness.

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