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   Chapter 1438 New Year's Day

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Even if it were Darren's double who was arrested, his life was still left in shambles. His actions had caused problems for a lot of people. Not only had he offended the HT Group being led by Jacob, he had also agitated the Ke Family.

The fact that he had recently suffered a major loss with one of his business ventures made it even harder for him to recuperate. The plan had been to buy a massive piece of land and build gorgeous villas that would sell for a high price. Unfortunately, the foundation couldn't even be laid out because of the sediment underneath. If only Darren had known of this beforehand, he would have been in a better state financially.

All of his business partners, whom he had considered dear friends for so many years, withdrew their shares from his company. After some research, Darren found out that most of his partners' departures had been caused by Jacob and the Ke Family.

Additionally, the head of a large construction company called him on the phone and said, "Mr. Xu, I know that we've been good friends and business partners for so long. But I'm sorry to say that we have to cut ties now. Our company's interests are largely focused on making enough money."

Darren was in disbelief about what he had just heard. He tried his best to suppress his emotions and asked, "How much money did they give you? You're withdrawing your investment without hesitation! How could you throw away our friendship just like that?"

"Mr. Xu, please don't joke around. What good is it for me to stay with a company that will soon be gone? I will not waste my entire life's hard work on some silly friendship!" The head of the construction company even mocked Darren. "If you don't mind, Mr. Xu, I can cut you in for a decent price with the deal I have with Jacob. You can take it as a token of gratitude for our wonderful friendship."

Darren's eyes widened in rage. He couldn't believe the things that he was hearing.

'Close a deal together? Cooperate with the man who ruined my life?

The shameless fat bastard must be out of his mind!' Darren thought to himself.

He looked like all life in him had been sucked out. He didn't bother to respond and simply hung up the phone. In a fit of rage, he raised his hand and threw his phone all the way to the adjacent wall. Everyone near his office heard the impact, but amazingly, the phone was still working and only had a cracked screen.

One of the secretaries outside the office ran away in shock. Most of the employees there had been in fear that they would be fired that day. Moreover, more than half of the secretaries in the secretarial office felt like they were at their limit. They simply resigned because they couldn't handle the stress anymore. Most of them walked out with tears in their eyes.

And all of the employees who stayed, especially the ones who were very close to Darren's office, felt extremely unlucky. They were forced to bear Darren's outbursts of anger.

The secretary who ran away a few moments ago went back to her station. She then asked her nearby colleagues if they heard what she had heard. One of them responded in a concerned tone, "Darren has lost his temper more than a dozen times in the past 3 weeks. The company's financial losses have exceeded the limit. Do you think that the company is going to shut down soon?"

"Bah, bah, don't talk nonsense. Go back to your desk and resume your work. If Darren w

dn't help but laugh at the man. He then told Louis, "My children aren't spoiled brats. Besides, if you just give me a big red envelope full of cash, I promise they won't ask for gifts from you."

Louis didn't pay attention to what Jacob said. He continued to casually change his shoes and pick up the car key. With a slight grin on his face, he replied, "Don't you know that there's a difference between a gift and a red envelope? A gift is something that comes from the heart, while a red envelope full of cash is just for the heartless. Do I seem like that kind of a person to you? If it isn't clear by now, I love my dear niece and nephews very much."

As Louis was stepping out of the house, Emily curiously looked at him. She couldn't help but tease him. "Aren't you just using the kids as an excuse to leave? I'm sure that even if they weren't at home, you would still think of some excuse to leave the house, right? Something like going out to buy some food for New Year's Day. I promise they won't disturb you tonight. But if that still isn't enough, you can just come back tomorrow morning. Please don't use them as an excuse!"

Louis's face turned red. This time, he was a little embarrassed by what his sister had said. He whispered, "If I haven't found a suitable gift, I will give each of my niece and nephews a big red envelope each when I come back!"

Everyone in the house knew that Louis couldn't let go of a certain someone and might not come back that night. So, the only thing they could do then was to bid him good wishes while he left the house.

As expected, Louis went straight to the department store and embarked on a huge shopping spree. When he was done, it wasn't easy for him to fit all of the things he had bought into his small car, but he managed to do it anyway. He was so excited to bring everything he had bought to Taylor's house. All this effort was surely going to make her happy. But when he got there and was about to press the doorbell, his joyous expression was replaced with a very serious one. He even took a deep breath and quietly thought of a plan.

He then said out loud, "That's right. I must use this Baymax stuffed toy in order to win Amy's approval. After that, I can ask her for help and finally win over Taylor's heart."

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