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   Chapter 1437 Another Darren

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A cautious female voice said through the phone, "Mr. Xu, we have found a suitable person, and his terms are reasonable. Do you want him to act now?"

Darren smiled gloomily. "Okay."

Public opinion had changed drastically ever since Emily's clarification of the issue during her press conference. They had thought that this issue would negatively impact Darren or at least make him the subject of online hate speech, but they were wrong.

Emily was quite concerned about the public opinion of her, but at that crucial moment, a man who claimed to be Darren publicly took the blame and claimed that he had only done what he had because of the grudge he held against Emily.

He posted online about how miserably he had lived. However, he never clarified his relationship with Emily. The only thing he said was that she deserved it. He wanted to earn sympathy by telling his own tragic story.

Not long after he took responsibility for the issue, the police immediately intervened.

After the incident, footage of another interview made its way online, hitting the headlines in just half an hour.

In the video, one reporter said into his mic, "Do you know that what you've done has negatively affected Mrs. Gu?

Her charity project is likely to end because of your story, which has misled the public. The beneficiaries of her project will no longer receive the help that they need. Do you know how many people have been thrust into hopelessness because of your actions?"

They were talking to the man who claimed to be Darren. He was wearing a black peaked cap, and his face was pale. Upon hearing this, he said disdainfully, "Unscrupulous reporters like you will only report what harm I've supposedly caused her. You will never think about how much harm she has caused me!

Can you imagine a person like her heading a charity project? Only fools will believe that she will actually donate anything!"

"Can you tell me what actually happened between you and Mrs. Gu?" The reporter paused as if thinking carefully about his next words. "Can you reveal to us what the public does not know about her? Who is the real Mrs. Gu?"

The man looked displeased. Perhaps because of guilt or something else, he lost all composure in the blink of an eye. "Leave me alone! Whatever happened between me and her does not have anything to do with you. Get out of my way!"

In the scene that followed, the man was taken to a police car

n the nose and said, "Would I lie to you?"

His assurance greatly improved her mood, and she began thinking of places that they could visit the following week.

Although Jacob had told her repeatedly to steer clear of the internet, Emily could not help but check in from time to time. Every time she saw a comment showing support for Darren, she could not help but feel contempt toward the unnamed man who was claiming to be him.

Even her two children could tell whenever she was upset.

Just as she was at her lowest, one message caught her attention. It was from a girl who was one of her supporters. "Will you still spearhead charity foundations in the future? I don't know if you still remember me. You came to my school not long ago and encouraged me to study hard. You also told me not to worry about my tuition.

Please don't get me wrong. I'm not writing to ask you to fulfill your promise to support my studies. I'm an adult now, and I'm in a position where I can work and study. I guess I just want to know if you'll stick to your original plans and keep doing what you used to do."

'I will, ' Emily told herself firmly before giving the girl the same response.

She didn't know how that girl would feel upon reading her reply. After she had sent her message, she saw her own smile reflected on the dark screen.

This world would not run out of people who needed her help. As such, she had to do her best. Although she could not help every single one of these people, she hoped that she could continue living every day with a clear conscience, knowing that she always tried to do what was right.

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