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   Chapter 1436 Miss The Target

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Jacob had arranged a press conference to clear up the issues regarding his wife.

In the meeting hall, hundreds of seats had been placed to accommodate the people attending.

At the venue's entrance hung a giant red banner with the words "Press Conference of Emily Bai of Gu Consortium" in bold, yellow font. It was quite eye-catching.

The press conference was scheduled to begin at 10 o'clock in the morning. However, people started to arrive as early as 8 o'clock, eager to attend the conference and save themselves a seat. By half-past nine, most of the members of the media had already arrived at the venue.

After all, the incident involving Emily had caused quite an uproar. Many wondered what kind of news would be revealed in this conference held by the Gu Consortium.

When Darren heard that Jacob was going to hold a press conference in the morning, he didn't take it seriously, thinking that perhaps Jacob was just struggling to deal with the issue. He turned on the TV to watch the live broadcast, ready to see a joke.

Jacob arrived with Emily at the venue at 10 o'clock. As soon as the media caught a glimpse of Emily, they immediately surrounded her, bombarding her with camera flashes. As the reporters rushed to ask Emily their questions, their voices drowned each other out. Jacob blocked all of their advances and they continued to walk forward into the venue.

At home, Darren couldn't help but take pleasure in what he was seeing. Emily couldn't even utter a single word as the reporters blocked their path.

"Good morning, everyone. The press conference will begin shortly," Emily said slowly as she glanced at all the reporters present.

Cameras were aimed at her and everyone was focused on what she had to say. They were expecting some sort of apology from her. They couldn't think of anything for her to do or say during the press conference except to apologize. After all, all the evidence was posted on the internet.

A few seconds later, Emily straightened her posture and firmly said, "I don't want to talk too much. So, if everyone could please look at the screen."

Various pieces of evidence appeared on the screen. First, the so-called face injury of the victim showed that he hadn't been hurt because of Emily. The injury had actually happened a long time ago.

The first evidence shown made everyone quiet.

Then, the screen also showed remittance records and even call recordings. . . . . . Suddenly, people started to gossip among

lk as soon as he answered. "You'd better come back here as soon as you can. The mothers of the two men have arrived home safely. There were no injuries. They said that they were blindfolded the whole time and had no idea where they were kept. They didn't see their kidnappers either, so we still can't identify the kidnappers."

"It seems that Darren had planned this early. Maybe he was not ready to fight against us this time." Sam was in a sour mood and he couldn't help but grab the cigarette box. "I can't explain it clearly on the phone. Let's talk about this later."

On the other side, Darren had also just received a phone call from his own informant. After chatting for some time, the person on the other end of the line said, "The cigarettes they offered me were good. I haven't smoked such a high-quality cigarette in many years."

"I'll ask someone to send some of it to you. You can smoke as many cigarettes as you want," Darren answered him casually.

The man laughed loudly and began to discuss business. After talking about what happened in detail, he hung up the phone.

Darren walked slowly to the French window and looked down at the road that seemed to stretch in all directions. The pedestrians were packed together. They looked like small ants that could all be crushed to death at once.

Sooner or later, the Gu Consortium would be just like that⁠—ready for him to trample on it at will.

However, it was not yet the right time to have a direct battle. He still had to hide his best cards.


His phone started to ring once again. Darren picked it up instinctively and answered with an annoyed tone. "What's up?"

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