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   Chapter 1435 Preparing For The Press Conference

The Spoiled Girl By Lan Ke Ke Characters: 11173

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"Just shut up! You already know that you're going to die, so why are you still being so stubborn? There's no one coming to save you. When people finally find your dead bodies, no one will ever suspect us. After all, a lot of people die from accidents every day. Don't you agree?"

"I... I swear that we didn't tell Jacob anything!"

The reporter pleaded to save his life, but the way he said Jacob's name seemed off to Darren's lead henchman.

Because of this, he threatened the reporter even more. He then stood in front of the reporter with a terrifying expression on his face and said, "It seems like you've already gotten in contact with Jacob. Unfortunately, I'm going to have to kill you because of that. Just to avoid any trouble that might come our way in the future, you know?" The moment the henchman finished speaking, he gave the reporter a thunderous slap on the face. The reporter's battered and bruised cheeks grew even redder.

The reporter and the "victim" couldn't bear the torture anymore. They were beaten so badly that their mouths profusely bled.

"Does it hurt? Don't worry, you won't feel a thing after we're done with you," the henchman teasingly uttered with a sinister laugh.

"What do you want from us? Please, I don't want..."

The two of them were in complete despair. They believed that there was no longer any ray of sunshine to look forward to. At that time, it seemed like all hope was lost for them. Suddenly, a feeling of regret overcame them. They wouldn't have been in this position if they had simply cooperated with Jacob earlier that morning.

One of Darren's men wiped his knife with a piece of cloth over and over again. And when he was done, the blade was as reflective as a mirror.

Both the reporter and "the victim" had completely surrendered to the fact that they were going to die that night, so they simply closed their eyes and waited for their last moments on earth. Suddenly, one of the henchmen's phone rang. No one there knew what was being said on the call. A few people went outside, for fear that it might be someone telling them that the police were coming. And the others also left to light a cigarette or get some fresh air.

The reporter and the "victim", who had nearly passed out because of their supposed impending death, could now somewhat breathe easily. Just a few seconds ago, they had thought that their lives would end. But now, it was like they had been given a second chance. While everyone was outside, the two of them began to think of a way to escape.

Their hands were tightly bound together, so the first thing they needed to do was to get rid of the ropes. But it seemed that there was nothing in that room that could help them. Both of them could only violently twist their bodies around in an attempt to get loose. Suddenly, a blade fell from the "victim's" body.

It was like a new hope of life that fell from the sky. The "victim" quickly lowered his body to pick the blade up. He managed to reach it and immediately cut the ropes inch by inch. But it was like torture once again since their hands were already covered with bruises from the beatings earlier.

However, the "victim" was determined to live on. He worked through the pain and after a few seconds, he was finally free. He sliced the ropes that bound the reporter, and the two of

ed for wounds that might have come from Emily. The examination result proved that there was no injury on his face. His wounds had all come from beatings caused by random individuals. None of them were from Emily.

The reporter also handed the voice recording to Sam.

All of the evidence they needed were finally in their hands.

Once Jacob was satisfied, he ordered the two to leave and find some place to lie low. . . . . .

"Mr. Gu, everything went according to plan. You're such a genius." Sam couldn't help bursting into laughter the moment the two men left.

Jacob casually played with the wine glass in his hand and flashed a complacent smile.

Everything was falling into place just as he had planned. . . . . . .

Early the next day, dawn had not yet broken the sky when Emily woke up.

She felt weak, since her insomnia had rendered her unable to sleep properly.

The comfort she sought out in Jacob wasn't available either. The entire day, she was worried sick, and thoughts of her bad public image circled in her head.

When Jacob finally came back home at about two o'clock that night, he had good news to share with Emily. He told her that she didn't need to worry about anything anymore since all of the evidence that they needed had been found.

All the heavy burden that Emily felt on her shoulders was suddenly lifted. All the thoughts that had contributed to her anxiety dissipated and were replaced with happiness. . .

The next day, Jacob planned to hold a conference in the meeting room of a hotel.

Being the most luxurious hotel in the city, it was equipped with the best facilities. The conference room on the third floor could accommodate 500 people. It was not only a hot spot for large-scale banquets and meetings, but had also been chosen as the venue for many press conferences in the past.

That day, another press conference was going to be held there, and it would be the biggest one yet.

The venue had been prepared according to Jacob's requirements. On the stage, there was a row of seats, and behind them was a big curtain which was so huge that it looked like it was hanging from the sky. Finally, a projector in the center of the meeting room was ready in place.

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