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   Chapter 1434 Denial

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The reporter was terrified. Still, he did his best to feign composure. "Jacob, why have you brought us here? You're breaking the law!"

"Exactly! This is kidnapping. And you must know that you're doing a horrible thing!" the "victim" chimed in.

Jacob sneered. He raised his eyebrows and said, "Breaking the law? Kidnapping?" With a wave of his hand, a couple of bodyguards came forward to untie the two men.

The men had not expected Jacob to do such a thing. Suddenly, they regained the courage to speak up against him. "I advise you to let us go as soon as possible, or we will go to the police and report this awful crime!" the reporter swore, raising his voice as he pointed a finger at Jacob.

Annoyed at the men's brazenness, Sam marched forward, determined to teach them a lesson. Jacob, however, stopped him in time with another wave of a hand. He had something else in mind.

He opened his mouth slightly and said, "I think you should listen to your gut, given your current situation. If you're willing to cooperate, you can expect an even bigger reward. From me."

For a moment, the "victim" felt quite tempted. Nevertheless, the thought of his mother in Darren's hands distressed him. While Jacob's offer was tempting, he wouldn't dare risk his mother's well-being. The reporter, on the other hand, was convinced that this was merely a trap. As long as he did not admit to anything, Jacob couldn't harm him.

With this in mind, the two shook their heads, their way of telling Jacob that they had no idea what he was talking about.

Of course, Jacob had expected this. He had just thought that if they knew they could work with him, they might change their minds. However, these two seemed to have no intention of turning against Darren.

"Well, it seems that I've found the wrong men then. You two can go," Jacob said with a shrug, effectively surprising the two. This was far from their wildest dreams. They hadn't seen that coming.

Having been told that they were now free to leave, they didn't want to waste another second in this place. Without delay, they left.

The two ran for as long as their legs could carry them, constantly looking back to see if there were any suspicious people or cars following them. When they were sure that they were safe and unfollowed, they stopped to catch their breath.

"Damn it! He's much less intimidating than I thought!" the reporter exclaimed, gasping for air.

"I thought we were going to die in there," the "victim" agreed with a lingering feeling of fear. The two were overcome with the excitement of escaping the jaws of death. Although they

red the phone had a calm voice. It was neither loud nor low, just the right volume to deliver the fate of the two men into their ears. From the few sentences that he had overheard, the reporter was able to extract two very important pieces of information—one, this was their execution, and two, it had been ordered by none other than Mr. Xu!

To his surprise, it was not Jacob who had sent these men to capture them. It was Darren!

Sure enough, the two had already thought about the possibility of Darren getting rid of them. It was for this reason that when he had instructed them to go in hiding abroad, they had quickly obliged. They had agreed to live a life of hiding for two reasons. One was the promise that they had made to Darren. They had assured him that they would do anything that he requested. The other was their fear of him suddenly changing his mind and deciding, for whatever reason, to have them killed.

It seemed that Darren had found out about their return and was going to kill them to cut loose ends.

Probably because they were at the losing end, the two felt as though the air around them had grown stagnant. Paralyzed with fear, they felt as though it had gotten harder to breathe.

Out of the blue, the wads of sackcloth were forcefully pulled out of their mouths. With that, the reported yelled, "What are you going to do with us!"

Several of the brawny men, all dressed in black, smirked.

"What are we going to do with you, you say? Shouldn't you know by now?" Menacing laughter filled the small dark room.

It was as if a group of proud hunters had just brought down a fat deer. "Aren't you afraid of going to jail⁠—"

Before the "victim" could even finish speaking, a hard slap landed on his face.

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