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   Chapter 1433 Found Them

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By the time evening came, the Gu Family was covered in despair. The day had been filled with unfortunate events, so they felt broken and helpless, to say the least.

A single faint lampshade was the only source of light in the living room.

Jacob was sitting at his desk silently. He couldn't stop himself from recalling Emily's poor defenseless state earlier that day. The light in his eyes grew dim, and the incredible amount of stress he was going through could be seen from the shadows under his eyes.

He thought about how the reporters had blocked every possible way of escape, forcing Emily to stay and bear all of their questions. Her depression had finally been cured recently. But with the problem she was facing, she could fall into despair once again. Was someone planning to destroy her whole life? If so, who was the person behind all of this?

After a few hours, the veil of the night was replaced with the light of dawn.

However, Emily couldn't sleep well for even a second. Yesterday's events had caused her emotions to become unstable yet again. She tossed and turned in bed, trying hard to make herself comfortable. But she didn't fall asleep until a few hours before dawn. Nonetheless, she still woke up early that day.

And so did Jacob.

After washing up in the bathroom, Jacob noticed that Emily was still lying in bed while staring at the window in a daze. A slight frown made its way on his face. He was fully aware that she was still troubled. Then he walked towards her and said, "Honey, what's wrong?" When his question was met with silence, Jacob sat down beside Emily and placed his arms around her in a warm embrace.

Emily was still in a daze. Only when she felt Jacob's arms around her did she come to her senses. "I'm fine," she answered simply. Then, she looked out the window again. Jacob couldn't help but feel worried.

Even though Emily said she was fine, it was obvious that she was in despair. Her eyes alone showed how much pain she was going through. Jacob opted not to force her to share her feelings anymore. Instead, he simply caressed her hair and uttered words that he thought would be comforting for her. "Don't worry. I'll fix everything. I swear," he said firmly.

After a while, they finished their breakfast. Jacob then headed out to the company.

The first thing he did when he got there was to look for Sam. He needed to ask him about his investigation about yesterday's incident. "Sam, please come to my office right now," Jacob said on the telephone in his office.

Sam ran as fast as he could to Jacob's office the moment the call ended. It was clear that the only reason that Mr. Gu had come so early to the company was to resolve the matter involving Emily.

"Sam, what do you think about what happened yesterday?" Jacob asked while he tapped the table rhythmically.

Sam quickly answered without hesitation, "Mr. Gu, in my opinion, it was Darren who planned all of this. I'm sure he thinks we're a pain in the ass, so he planned a way to destroy us." Sam paused for a moment to calm down and then continued, "And I think his plan was to use two people. One is the 'injured' person,

struggled hard, trying to escape from the car.

Sam gave his assistant a simple look. The assistant began repeatedly hitting the neck and shoulders of the two culprits, causing both of them to fall silent until they passed out from the pain.

Sam nodded in satisfaction. He knew then that he had completed his mission. He then told the driver, "Drive.

It's time to go back. You in the back, watch them closely. If they wake up, hit them again until they pass out. These two bastards will pay the price soon. Mr. Gu is very serious about them. I will not allow anyone to mess this up!" Sam firmly ordered the assistants.

They flew back that same night. After securing the culprits, Sam immediately called Jacob on his phone. "Hello, Mr. Gu, I have some good news. I have both of them right here with me."

The two men, who had passed out from the beatings, gradually woke up and came to their senses. The reporter felt disoriented. He slowly opened his eyes and tried to look around, but a sharp pain struck him in the neck.

The constant beating that he had received had left large bruises all over his back. As he tried to recall what had happened to him, the man who had faked an injury suddenly woke up as well.

He said that he seemed to hear some voices coming from somewhere.

So the two of them looked around but could see nothing but darkness. Not a single source of light could be found. After realizing that their hands were bound, both of them knew that they were in deep trouble.

Suddenly, a dazzling flash of light covered the entire room. The culprits' eyes blinked in discomfort. They weren't used to the bright light due to being asleep in the dark for so long. When their eyes finally adjusted to the light, they saw a man standing in front of them. He had sharp facial features and a pair of dark looming eyes, which were staring straight at them.

Alas, it was Jacob.

The two of them paled in disbelief. They had never imagined that Jacob could find them this quickly. It seemed like their short amount of fun was already past them. Now, it was time to pay the price.

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